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“Did you sext with 14 and 15 year old girls or not?”

This, among many simple questions posed to famed YouTube tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste, engaged in nothing but a laughable onslaught of dodging questions and apologies amid newly emerging minor sexting allegations last week. . According to Forbes, Lacoste is one of the biggest tattoo artists on social media and is “the go-to tattoo artist for influencers.”

In a nearly 40-minute interview with DramaAlert, a YouTube drama hosted by Daniel M. Keem, better known as Keemstar, Lacoste’s responses to the heated situation burn brightly with obvious guilt, irony , forceful but jerky apologies and, sadly, more lies. Above all, Lacoste is adamant in his assertion that not everyone involved, directly or indirectly, “have all the facts.”

Unfortunately, the facts gathered about the ordeal aren’t – in fact – inaccurate, just the ones that Lacoste, currently 30, prefers not to hear about his recent past riddled with more than just profoundly stupid mistakes, but also perpetual pedophilia.

Lacoste kicks off the interview with Keemstar by focusing on a 2016 case with a girl he says was “just” underage. The girl was behind one of Romeo Lacoste’s many fan accounts at the time of his rise to fame. However, as he claims in the aforementioned March 17, 2019 interview that “these were fake accounts and they lied about their age,” he erroneously adds, “then you know I’m right here minding my own business and these girls are jumping on it. to me.”

Well, while the YouTube interview later embarrassingly leaks Lacoste, Keemstar quickly discovers that Lacoste was, in fact, the one who lied about these girls’ ages this whole time, even at the start of the interview. Keemstar later posts a screenshot of a text conversation between Lacoste and an underage girl. Significantly, it didn’t help his ever-diminishing case either.

The texts clearly show Lacoste himself extending his hand to the minor, asking her: “aren’t you ready to do this sooner?” Or do you want to wait until you’re 18? As the lies continue, Keemstar brings up two other girls, one interviewed on the same show, who said they were 14 and 15 when they got engaged or dated Lacoste. Contrary to what had previously been proclaimed by Lacoste, the girls involved being allegedly “on the verge of 18”, Keemstar manages to make his answers clearly stagnate by surfacing the details of the other two cases.

Ultimately, it becomes increasingly clear that the true ages of some of the girls involved really are as drastic as first reported.

Lacoste opens more apologies for her actions in shifting the blame onto underage girls, saying, “She told me she did a lot of sexual things with older people…older than me.” A 15-year-old informed Keemstar that Lacoste even peed on her, saying it left her deeply traumatized. Lacoste’s response was even more concerning than you’d expect, saying he doesn’t recall this ever happening, but curiously follows the claim with “I’m a human being… I don’t am not ashamed of some of the sexual things that I am”. in.”

While more irony and hypocrisy permeate Lacoste’s response to the allegations, he even claims to be completely against “people who are creepy and pedophiles.” But these people must be totally different from those like Lacoste who post the same actions because they are “new to social media, fame and attention”, right? False, entirely and inexcusably.

Lacoste says he deleted his Twitter account amid the allegations due to the immense amount of hate he was receiving. And, after being asked by Keemstar why he didn’t just make a statement on Twitter, Lacoste said he couldn’t even “blow on Twitter.” Really difficult? Any celebrity’s feed, no matter how “blasted” with hate, doesn’t affect their ability to press a completely separate button and tweet, in the least – take President Trump for example.

After all, with Lacoste’s pathetic interview responses matching the length of a monologue to every simple question, the interview sadly leaves no one really surprised that claims of underage sexting are true, let alone convinced otherwise. .


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