You can buy your best buddy’s temporary facial tattoos if you miss them while in lockdown


If you miss your best friend, this novelty fix will allow you to see their face anytime.

Self-isolation and coronavirus lockdown make many of us feel bored and lonely.

While Zoom quizzes, FaceTime and Skype calls can bridge the gap, it’s never quite the same.

But, if you want to feel closer to your best friend, what could be better than tattooing your face on your body?

No, we’re not talking about permanent ink (although if you really are best friends forever, maybe?), But a temporary tattoo.

Lili Mandrill, Artist and Etsy Trader, sells custom transfer tattoos of your best friend that you can stick on your skin.

Just go to her online store, select the number of tattoos you want and send Lili a snapshot of your friend.

She will hand draw their likeness and turn them into a fun tattoo.


A set of five personalized tattoos will set you back £ 58.41 or you could spend 500 – gifts for a deer or a hen? Wedding favors? – for £ 329.

You can add a name, date or slogan for free.

Lili lives in France, but offers free shipping worldwide – delivery can take up to two weeks.

Just apply with water and you can look at their beautiful face all day long

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, shipping to your country may be affected, so be sure to check this and allow sufficient time for delivery if you are giving them as a gift.

He doesn’t have to be your companion either.

Scare your loved one by playing a prank on them – if you’re bad enough to do it.

Lili has created thousands of her bespoke designs and reviews say she has very satisfied customers.

One person wrote: “Highly recommend!

“I wanted to give my friend a funny gift for her birthday. These turned out to be excellent! “

Show your friends you love them and send them a tattoo of your face to wear (totally not scary, no)

Another added: “We asked Lili to combine aspects of two photos and her drawing was perfect!

“Great correspondence and speed of execution. I will definitely come back! ”

While a third said: “This is the perfect gift for my friend who is getting married.

“Her best friend is officiating the wedding and I wanted them and the others to both have something fun that they could share.

“What a great job and the kindest interactions throughout the process.”

We love them…

You could even send your friends a tattoo of your face, you know, because who wouldn’t want to look at your face all day?


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