Would you like to tattoo the roof of your mouth?


One of the best things about the tattoo world is that artists are encouraged to be inventive, like creating a new style that no one has done before. And for the Belgian artist Indy Voet, he made a name for himself by inking some of the most unconventional places on the human body, from behind the ears to the gums to the fingers. However, perhaps his most eye-catching specialty is tattooing the roof of the mouth, a technique he has perfected with years of practice.

“I started doing this about four years ago,” Voet shares. “I was a piercer for 10 years before tattooing, so getting tattoos in unusual places feels natural.”

For this process, Voet uses a handpoking technique rather than a machine, explaining that the machine would be too hard there and too difficult to access. “I really don’t use anything but a needle and some dexterity, combined with my client’s confidence.”

As for the experience from the customer’s perspective, Voet swears it’s not as bad as one might think. “Nine out of 10 people describe these tattoos as almost painless or at least very easy to handle. The remaining 10% mostly complain of muscle pain in the jaw, which seems logical.”

When it comes to consequences, Voet uses his experience as a professional piercer to inform his advice on tattoo maintenance. “Healing [these tattoos] is like any other mouth tattoo or piercing – don’t have anything too spicy, no hard liquor, and be careful what you put in your mouth for a few days. Apart from that, the natural resources of the mouth do the rest.”

What do you think of these tattoos? Would you like to get a tattoo on the roof of your mouth? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section and take a look at some of Voet’s other tattoos in the comments section.


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