WOO, Dr. Woo’s New Skin Care and Lifestyle Brand, Reinvents Tattoo Aftercare


Tattooed skin has its own needs. Although they are not much different from that of non-tattooed skin – hydration, SPF – Dr. Woo’s new skin care and lifestyle brand, WOO, understands them better than most. Unveiled last August by studio PROJECTWOO, the new skin-focused drop is led by one and only Dr. Woo, a tattoo artist with over 1.6 million Instagram followers and a notoriously long waiting list.

Best of all, WOO’s Essential Skin Care is just that – essential for the skin, even if you don’t have the smallest and smallest tattoo on your body. WOO released its first drop via projectwoo.co on August 12, which includes the WOO After / Care Kit ($ 42), WOO hand sanitizer ($ 10) and WOO Daily Mild Soap Set ($ 18); 100 percent of the net profits of the soap set will benefit SUMMARY ALL, a Los Angeles-based community center. The WOO Moisturizing Sun Shield SPF30 is also available for pre-order, priced at $ 35 with an estimated delivery in November.

Like any job Dr Woo’s name is attached to (including his current art), the new brand is meticulously thought out, from minimalistic and moody packaging to clean, small-batch product formulations. This includes the Maintenance / Care Kit, something that is truly for fans of the artist and created with brand new tattoos in mind.

Courtesy of WOO

Dr Woo shared on his own Instagram on Aug. 12 the process of formulating the kit, which includes a 2-ounce bar of recovery soap and a 1-ounce tube of after / moisturizer – a unique product specially created to care for the skin irritated or newly tattooed. “I wanted a product that I felt after years of treating the skin and seeing and hearing how tattoos of all types heal … would help and gently aid the healing process of a new job!” he explained on the post. “I have always had very sensitive skin and this fragrance free, specially formulated, simple and clean product is by far the best.”

Courtesy of WOO

To purchase the first drop of WOO, visit projectwoo.co. Or, to keep up with future PROJECTWOO launches, follow the studio’s IG account at @project_w_o_o. The new WOO products, below.

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