Woman furious after £74 tattoo disaster as people say she should demand a refund


Taylor Gehris paid £74 to get a finger tattoo but was furious after she ended up with a messy design – and people think she should get her money back

Taylor Gehris spent $100 on her finger tattoo

For many of us who have tattoos or have thought about getting a tattoo, we know it’s important to make sure the artist you’re visiting knows exactly what they’re doing so you can avoid getting tattoos you hate.

But a woman on TikTok has become furious after her trip to a tattoo parlor ended with her receiving a tattoo she didn’t even have time to regret – as it almost completely faded in one week.

Taylor Gehris from Florida, USA shared a video in which she explained that she wanted to get a stylish flame design inked on her finger, and although she loved the design for the first few days, she has Was disappointed a week later when the ink was mostly gone.

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According to Taylor, 20, who posts under the username @taylorgehris, she paid $100 (£74) for the tattoo and believes it faded so quickly because the artist “isn’t gone far enough.”

Responding to a commenter who said her own finger tattoo was still in place 10 years after it was done, Taylor explained: “Mine wasn’t deep enough; yours had to be deep and really hurt. “

Several reviewers were quick to mention that finger tattoos generally don’t last as well as they do on other parts of the body – but they all insisted that they should definitely last longer than a week.

At first the ink looked perfect



It disappeared almost completely within a week



One person said, “Okay, fingers don’t hold ink well over the years! But after a week? Get your money back!”

As another commented: “Finger tattoos do fade, yes, but they shouldn’t completely fade. I’m glad my artist was clumsy because I love my tattoos finger.”

“Fingers don’t hold ink well. But a WEEK LATER and it looked like this? Go get your money!” said a third.

While other commenters on the video – which has been viewed 290,000 times – said Taylor should demand a refund, or at the very least a free touch up to get the ink back on her finger.

Someone wrote: “Re. Fund.”

And someone else added, “They should offer free touch-ups. Finger tattoos fade easily and often.”

What a third also insisted: “A lot of artists will give you a free touch-up if you go back.”

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