What do Jungkook’s tattoos look like now? BTS star adds new ink and flaunts colorful tattoos


On the one hand, boy group BTS is breaking new records with their comeback album, ‘Proof’ which was released with a total of 45 tracks on June 10. Meanwhile, Fans Are Showing a Whole New Side of BTS for Their Chapter 2 Nine years after their 2013 debut, the BTS members released their Ninth Anniversary Festa live video in which they revealed that all the albums released by the boy group until their release in 2022 “Proof” will be BTS Chapter 1.

With this, the members of BTS promised that in Chapter 2, the boy group will focus more on their solo debut alongside some group activities like the “Run BTS” shows. As soon as the announcement was made, fans started wondering what BTS’s next chapter would entail. Fans were sure that in the future, BTS would move away from their “good boy” image in the industry and focus on showcasing their raw, unedited, and bolder selves. Together, the members ended BTS Chapter 1 by getting matching friendship tattoos. The seven members of BTS have promised to get the number ‘7’ tattooed on their bodies.


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Maknae Jungkook’s new tattoos

Leader RM (Kim Namjoon) has become the first member to post a photo of his “7” tattoo on his ankle on social media. J-Hope followed suit by posting a photo of his calf tattoo with the number ‘7’, then V (Kim Taehyung) posted a photo of his tattoo on his Instagram story (although some ARMYs thought it was drawn with a sharpie). Fans spotted Jimin’s tattoo on his finger/palm while Jungkook shared that Jin had the back of his ribs tattooed before in his live stream and mentioned that he will soon have one too. Looks like Jungkook kept his promise and finally got the tattoo, but there’s more to it.

The tattoo artist Jungkook visited to get the ‘7’ tattoo posted a series of photos featuring BTS maknae on his Instagram which showed that Jungkook got the tattoo to match the BTS members on the back of his ear. Now, after that, Suga is the only BTS member to tell fans about his friendship tattoo alongside Jin, as the two oldest BTS members will be the last two to reveal theirs.

Jungkook upgrades his sleeve tattoo

The friendship tattoo for BTS wasn’t the only body art Jungkook got during his tattoo appointment last weekend. The tattoo artist’s post revealed that Jungkook upgraded his sleeve tattoo with the same Seoul-based tattoo artist named Polyc SJ. The post revealed that Jungkook added colorful embellishments to the tattoo on his right hand. Jungkook also added new additions to his body art in the form of the words “Bulletproof” covering the eye on his arm.

Jungkook first shocked fans when he got a new tattoo in 2019 which the singer initially hid from fans. Over time, public sentiment towards Jungkook’s tattoos began to change, and the singer eventually displayed his long-sleeved tattoos for fans to see at recent concerts. As the tattoo artist only posted sections of Jungkook’s sleeve tattoo online, fans began to reimagine the altered version of the BTS member’s body art as an ARMY shared fan art for others BTS fans can enjoy.


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