WarHawk Tattoo studio arrives in Lima


LIMA – St. Marys native Brandon Kinser brings his Warhawk Tattoo Company to Lima.

The studio, which opened on Friday, specializes in high-quality tattoos and piercings by experienced tattoo artists like Kinser, who opened his first Warhawk Tattoo location in St. Marys about 10 years ago.

“We are the Louis Vuitton of what we do,” Kinser said.

For Kinser, this means working with experienced artists, many of whom travel internationally.

And no “trash can” for piercings.

“People don’t realize that the unwanted stuff they’re putting into their bodies is the reason their piercings aren’t healing,” he said. “It’s not the piercer. It’s 1000% jewelry.

Instead, Kinser said he uses high-quality metals like surgical titanium and gold, which he hopes will set him apart from the competition in Lima.

Kinser came to Lima after overtaking St. Marys studio, which will continue to tattoo by appointment.

He has traveled across the country, visiting studios, painting murals and tattooing – a freedom he likes to give his artists.

Kinser often counts first responders, law enforcement, nurses and doctors among his clients and considers his studio “second to none,” he said.

“When we get a customer, it’s a customer for life,” Kinser said. “They’re not going anywhere else.”


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