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The saying “you never know what you have until it’s gone” may not have been invented with toilet paper in mind, but it was certainly appropriate at the start of 2020, n ‘is this not ? Toilet paper has played a vital role in your daily life, and has done so every day of your life since you were 3, but you’ve probably never spent a second thinking about it except to make sure you to have some.

People have been using all sorts of different items to clean themselves after defecation for centuries – the Romans liked to use a common sponge on a stick – but the advent of toilet paper is relatively recent as it first appeared in USA in 1857. Back then the toilet paper wasn’t in the distinctive roll we’re so used to, it was basically just a pile of papers in the back of the toilet. I keep this tradition alive in my home with a large stack of Smithsonian, National Geographic History, and, of course, Inked magazines, but have adapted to the invention in 1930 of the role of toilet paper for all my wiping needs. Fewer staples this way.

Rarely does an item designed for a specific purpose have as many alternative uses as toilet paper. It’s a bug-killing device and a young arsonist’s first love. It can be used to stem bleeding from a razor cut and to pad the toe of a pair of sneakers that are just that little too wide. It can even be used to embalm dead pharaohs, or at the very least envelop people who want to dress like said dead pharaohs. And we haven’t even started the many ways to reuse the tube after the roll is finished.

But the most inventive use of toilet paper comes when a group of mischievous youngsters get their hands on two packs of 24 Charmins and unleash hell on one of their peers. It’s been decades since I’ve gone through this sacred rite of passage and I still yearn for the joy of seeing a scroll fly through the air. With a little imagination, it looks like a comet heading for an unsuspecting tree, on which the tail will be threaded around the branches as the rest of the scroll falls to the ground, to be picked up and thrown again with more enthusiasm. There’s something beautiful about a tree absolutely dripping with moonlit toilet paper in front of a suburban home.

Alas, I couldn’t find a tattoo of a TP tree for the following gallery, which means that according to the Inked employee handbook, I have 365 days to fix this and get a tattoo myself- same. It’s a tough sacrifice to make, but a much cheaper choice than going through life without even a single square to spare, isn’t it? Enjoy these toilet paper tattoos.


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