Tips and Warnings Before Getting a Sport Tattoo


There are many philosophies surrounding when to get a tattoo. A very common one is that it should represent something that means a lot to you. Considering how much passion sports can spark, it’s no surprise that sports tattoos are such a big subgenre. Let’s meet a great athletic tattoo artist and some tips on when to get that athletic ink!

California-based tattoo artist Steve Boucher has created a specific niche. In his beautiful portfolio, you can find realistic portraits of pop culture figures, including star athletes. Even when capturing action, these images look incredibly real.

The level of detail is absolutely captivating, especially when inking a recognizable face, a notoriously difficult task.

For example, look at this tattoo of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James during their time with the Miami Heat. On a single calf, Butcher was able to detail two faces in the foreground and two in the back. All this in an action scene with the two stars jumping in the air. This is tattoo art at its finest.

And Butcher can go even deeper into the details. Check out this portrait of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gigi. These close-ups of intense facial expressions are difficult to capture and require mastery. These tattoos look like photographs.

But of course, not all ink works are masterpieces. There are many great artists who are capable of achieving success sports tattoosbut there are plenty of people who don’t do the proper research and end up with less than lucky results.

Ask yourself these questions before settling on a sports tattoo

Although sports tattoos can be true works of art, many of them tend to go overboard. Maybe fans tend to get them drunk, or just want to show the depth of their dedication. Either way, ask yourself these questions before getting inked with your favorite sports team logo.

Is this going too far?

If we’re thinking of getting a sports tattoo, we obviously have a pretty strong attraction to the game. Whether you’re getting your kicks in soccer or your highs in basketball, our passion can sometimes overflow.

I am sure this fan loves Barcelona football club a lot and to be honest this tattoo suits him very well. But before covering 30% of your body as a football tribute, it’s a good idea to consider whether this represents your level of commitment to the team.

Where is the right place?

Getting a tattoo is like buying a house. The three most important factors are location, location and location. Having passion is one thing. Covering your entire head with football logos is another.

Did you find the right artist for the job?

Although Butcher is capable of performing incredible stunts, not all tattoo artists are up to it. Well worth double-checking portfolios and expertise. Some will be better at bright colors and cartoonish characters, while others will specialize in realism.

Others don’t seem to have a specialty at all. This fan was banned from Neymar’s social networks after this disastrous tattoo.

Photo via Twitter

Needless to say: Make sure your team wins before you get a tattoo

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting a tattoo to celebrate a championship… just make sure the team actually wins this fucking thing before committing to tattooing. These things are permanent, you know.

If you keep these things in mind, you will get a sports tattoo that you can be proud of, even when your team is troublesome on the field.


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