TikToker Whose Tattoo Looks Rude Shares How It Should Have Looked


Bekah Milly (@bekah.milly) recently exhibited his new ink in a video, writing in caption:When someone says your new tattoo looks like a girl eating a$s.”

She later clarified that the art was meant to depict her innocently hugging her guardian angels, but unfortunately many said it looked more like a woman in a rather compromising position – and therefore “can’t ignore” the X-rated perspective.

Credit: TikTok/@bekah.milly

If you look at the photo of the tattoo, it looks like the woman has her arms wrapped around the lower half of another human being who is…well, sitting on her face.

The “buttocks” are actually meant to be the shoulder and head of an invisible guardian angel, with Bekah’s arms embracing them.

In another video, Bekah shared the image she was inspired by, which some people count looks even more graphic than his.

Credit: TikTok/@bekah.milly
Credit: TikTok/@bekah.milly

The tattoo I wanted… The tattoo I’m goingt,” she said, sharing the two images for others to compare.

One person said: “The reference looks like it too lol.”

Someone else wrote: “yours in fact [looks] looks less like “it” than the reference…but still…it’s easy to fix if you want to and if you don’t, then don’t listen to the haters!”

Credit: TikTok/@bekah.milly
Credit: TikTok/@bekah.milly

Bekah is also hosting a “tattoo contest” on social media, encouraging people to submit their best ideas for how she can improve the artwork.

In another video, she said: “I got so many comments on how to fix my tattoo, so might as well look into it!

So if you have any good idea on how to fix my tattoo – i will put the tattoo on displayen, take a screenshot, draw on what you think i should do, I’m not going to do full coverage… it’s just… no.

Credit: TikTok/@bekah.milly
Credit: TikTok/@bekah.milly

DM It to me on Instagram.

“The one I love better I’m going to make myself and I’m going to scream at you.

She added, “For those of you asking to donate to my tattoo fund to get it fixed, my Venmo is in my bio, but there’s no promise the money won’t go straight to the cafe.

“I’m not a perfect person.”


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