These temporary tattoos help people living with mental health issues


A psychology graduate from London has created a series of temporary self-care bandage tattoos to help people living with mental health issues.


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Francesca Timbers was inspired to create the some products after dealing with depression and anxiety during his senior year of college. Initially, she created the stickers and tattoos to motivate herself throughout the day. When she posted photos on social media, friends told her they wanted some too, so she started drawing more.

Credit: motivational tattoos

Tattoos are not meant to replace professional treatment, but rather as a way to help people cope when living with mental health issues. She hopes that if people spot a friend or family member with a tattoo, they’ll know the person will need extra support that day.

“Temporary tattoos serve as little pick-me-ups and reminders throughout everyday life. It’s also a symbol, a way to connect people and raise awareness about mental health,” she continues.

Timbers says that because tattoos are visible on a person’s skin, they are effective as a constant reminder throughout the day. “Because it’s constantly there on your skin, it’s harder to ignore it,” says Timbers.

Timbers says that in her experience, the most helpful part was the connection the tattoos created with other people.

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Credit: motivational tattoos

“Coping with my mental illness has been one of the loneliest experiences of my life, so realizing there are other people who feel the same way and connecting with them through this project has been amazing,” says Timbers.

A box of 15 tattoos featuring Timbers’ hand-drawn illustrations is available for buy on Etsy for £4.75 ($6.14). The designs are inscribed with the words “love yourself”, “treat yourself”, “you are worth it”, “believe in yourself” and “you are cute”.

Timbers says the response to the tattoos has been “pretty overwhelming.”

“Sometimes a client will email me a picture of their tattoo with their story, and I’ll wear the same tattoo that day, and send them a picture,” Timbers said.

“It’s like a sign of solidarity and support, even if it’s with someone on the other side of the planet,” she said.


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