These temporary tattoos for adults and kids (or anyone, really) will be your next obsession


Everyone has a prep ritual that they turn to for special evenings, or even when they find a few extra minutes in their morning: spray some perfume, put on a pair of earrings, or, in my case, apply a tattoo. (OK, not a real one, but a temporary tattoo that looks one of my favorite brands to go that extra mile when prep is dilapidated, a Brooklyn-based temporary tattoo company that recruits designers from around the world to create custom temporary tattoos.

I see these fleeting floral blossoms or encouraging phrases as some sort of semi-permanent accessory – a way of expressing yourself using your style as a medium. While unlike a stack of rings or a patterned sock, you don’t have to put them on and take them off every day, and unlike a real tattoo, they’re easy to remove if you want to change them. things. My fake Tattly tattoo applications have become so common over the years that my coworkers (who I worked with for almost a year) were unaware that my “tattoos” were reapplied on the reg.

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Floral Tattly Temporary Tattoos Set, $ 14, Amazon; Perennial Tattly Temporary Tattoos Set (Scented), $ 18, dilapidated

Using Tattly, I can rotate a collection of beautiful illustrations and fonts throughout the month. This is a good thing because while I love tattoos, I’m not yet ready for the commitment to pick a design and stick with it.

Contributing artists (those you may already know, like Adam J. Kurtz from 1 page at a time, Rifle Paper Co., and more), who design the tattoos also get a share of every sale, which I think is awesome. Oh, and bonus: the tattoos really stick to my skin for four to five days (and the floral scent on those fragrant perennials lasted a full working day).

Image: Sam Escobar / Agitation

Floral Tattly Temporary Tattoos Set, $ 14, Amazon; Perennial Tattly Temporary Tattoos Set (Scented), $ 18, dilapidated

You can grab a full set of similarly designed tattoos for a coordinating sleeve, or you can purchase unique tattoos and mix and match them, depending on your mood. (Above, I have associated the floral heart, the pink flower and Joy of living sentence (on my neck) from Floral set from Tattly and Rifle Paper Co.” with the “Perennial set. “

Tattoos are easy to apply and it is almost impossible to mess them up. When you want to change tattoos again, just apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton swab and wipe off the tattoo (or be lazy like me and rub the tattoo in the shower).

Image: Sam Escobar / hustle and bustle

Nautical Tattly Temporary Tattoos Set, $ 15, Amazon

Whether you want to refresh your style, appreciate thoughtful designs you can share with others, or just want to try out wearing a tattoo before you get the real one, you need to seriously give Tattly a try.

Images: Sam Escobar / Bustle

Tattly Temporary Tattoos You Deserve To …, $ 5, dilapidated; Floral Tattly Temporary Tattoos Set, $ 14, Amazon; Nautical Tattly Temporary Tattoos Set, $ 15, Amazon

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