These personalized temporary tattoos of your face are the coolest gifts


Temporary tattoos are great for those of us who really like the idea of ​​getting a tattoo, but aren’t quite ready to commit to something permanent. There are countless models for so many occasions. From vibrant festival-inspired tattoos to watercolor floral designs, you’re ready to kill all day with an extra pop of color. But what about getting a tattoo on your face? Personally, I would do it in the blink of an eye if it was literally just for a day, because why not? And with these personalized temporary tattoos of your face, you can make your part time tattoo dreams come true.

That’s right, ordering your own temporary face tattoos is made easy by this Etsy shop that offers custom portrait tattoos. The possibilities are endless, and quite frankly, the ideas are starting to flow in my direction. I imagine having personalized tattoos of my face for my friends to wear. Sure, that might be a little conceited of me, but hey, it’s fun to think that my friends can hang out with me for a day when I’m not even there.

Seriously, these tattoos are really just the perfect gifts for your next shindig. So, if you’re getting married, having an upcoming birthday party, or your best friend’s bachelorette party is approaching, you should really consider getting a tattoo for everyone.

They are the perfect wedding favors for saying “yes” to

Custom Couple Portrait Temporary Tattoos, $ 90 +, Etsy

Forget the bubbles and pastel colored almonds for your wedding gifts. Even those M & Ms with the happy couple’s faces on them don’t compare to having every guest at your wedding with these awesome tattoos. They’re adorable AF, and if you dig them as much as I do, head over to Lilimandrill’s Etsy shop to purchase yours. Heck, why not go all out and use them to save dates to send to your friends? All you’ll need is one of your favorite photos of you and baby with your wedding date on the bottom, and you are ready to go.

I’m not going to be walking down the aisle anytime soon, so I’m wondering if I can get a tattoo with my cat together. We are a happy couple, after all. I mean, you don’t need someone else for your tattoo, either. You can still get personalized temporary tattoo portraits just for you, starting at $ 70. So you better believe that I am making my dreams come true and getting a tattoo on my face to hand out to all my friends.

Custom Portrait Personalized Gift Temporary Tattoos, $ 70 +, Etsy

According to the seller, all the tattoos are sketched by hand with a pencil, so it really looks like a tattoo on your skin. No one will know from a distance that you are literally putting this tattoo on with water. Plus, according to the website, these tattoos will last two to three days, so be sure to snap some cool photos for the ‘Gram.

Real Talk: Hand Drawn Tattoos Really Look Like Your Photos

After ordering, you just need to send the photo you want and your tattoos will be drawn as you want. The resemblance between the photo and the tattoo masterpiece is amazing. And, not only are temporary tattoos an option for you, but there are also mugs and pads that can be ordered with your face on them as well.

So after all the tattoos are gone, stamp your photo all over the place for people to see. OK – I might get a little carried away, but these tattoos make me so horny. I really have a million ideas so I better start saving. Also, I have to warn my friends to start making room on their arms as I have temporary tattoos fever.


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