These Custom Temporary Tattoos of People’s Faces on Etsy Just Game-Changing BFF Goals


Being a bridesmaid takes a lot of effort. You have to take care of the dress, of course, and potentially the bridal shower, and certainly a bachelorette party that will likely require you to travel to Nashville or Miami with a bunch of drunken strangers. But the bridesmaid is also a great way to show your future husband that you love him, even if that means walking down Duval Street in Key West in a tank top that says “I Do Crew.” Another great way to tell your BFF that you love them? Temporarily get their face tattooed on your body. Yeah.

They say you can find anything on Etsy, and indeed seller Lilimandrill sells custom temporary tattoos over $ 80 featuring the to punish of your choice, which you can order for weddings, bachelor parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, or Wednesday happy hour, if you feel compelled to surprise your college friends with a collection of their faces on your body. France-based Lilimandrill has a long history of selling tiny personalized, hand-drawn portraits that can be placed on mugs, stamps and other keepsakes for big events. Gifting a couple about to get married a cute cartoon of hand drawn faces on a mug is pretty cute, but marking someone’s likeness with it. your hand, or shoulder blade, or, I don’t know, forehead? No judgment here.

They look really cool:

According to Etsy’s product description, tattoos are hand drawn using a pencil, providing buyers with “a unique, precise and delicate piece of art just for you and your guests.” The tattoos last two to three days – so about as long as the entrance stamps you’ll try to erase from any bachelorette-mandated pub crawls – and are ready to ship two to four. three weeks after their order, for a shipping price of $ 19. The $ 80 pre-shipment gets you 25 tattoos, although the cost is a bit higher for larger wholesale orders.

It’s a nice bachelorette party group gift, especially since you can include the bride’s name and any relevant hashtag on social media. They also seem like a fun thing to do for a sweet sixteen, bar or bat mitzvah, or your mom’s 60th birthday party, which is not meant to be a clue to my sister in any way. , no sir !

If you don’t feel like spending the money on a bachelorette tattoo, or if Lilimandrill’s merchandise runs out by the time you place an order, Etsy has plenty of other bachelorette ideas that go beyond the standard matching tanks. For example, they have personalized wine goblets, with reusable straws (hen parties are no reason to neglect the environment); these fairly graphic flash states; personalized sleep masks, which, considering how difficult it is to sleep in a room full of women drunk on wine, is a great idea; crochet penis lip balm holders, because why not; embroidered handkerchiefs, for those who prefer their bachelorette to the AF class; those penis slippers that I find really terrifying; and those custom compact mirrors. Man, there are a lot of trifles to get married, eh.

If, however, you want to draw your friend’s face on your shoulder to celebrate her forever surrender in favor of love, you can always take a Sharpie and apply it to yourself. If your artistic skills, like mine, are rather insufficient, you can argue that his warped skull and crooked smile are actually an abstract representation of your face crushed with his, which, after all, is true friendship. She may never speak to you again, but you’ve agreed to wear meerschaum green for her, so.


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