These Cool-Girl Temporary Tattoos Are The Next Big Thing In Fake Ink


INKED by Dani Good Vibes, $1

If you’ve been anywhere near the beach (or the Indian desert) in the past year, you’ve probably spotted Lightning Bolt Tattoos— those bold metallic temporary tattoos that were all the rage last summer — on more than a few women’s limbs. And you are probably totally fed up with them. But before you dismiss fake ink as a passing fad, let us introduce you INKED by Dania whole new range of temporary tattoos that breathe new life into this nostalgic art form.

Recent graduate Danielle Egna began selling her hand-drawn designs at her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house and officially launched the business with her USC roommate Mandy Rader last month. The brand met with immediate success, selling at Brandy Melville and bad girland even spawned a collaboration with a humor site Bets love it.

Coordinates of temporary tattoos inked by Dani

INKED by Dani Mini Set 3.$1; and coordinates NY/LA, $1

And we can totally see the appeal: many of Egna’s designs emulate the kind of simple, delicate tattoos that are adored by fashion bloggers and models without requiring any lifetime commitment.

Script phrases such as “spirit of adventure,” “Positive vibes,” and “Drug” lend instant cool girl credibility when laced on the inside of the wrists, forearms or along the fingers, while minimalist arrows, open hearts and infinity symbols are small enough to discreetly decorate most parts of the body. If flash tattoos are for bohemian beach girls, consider INKED by Dani their bolder, fashion-girl counterparts.

The tattoos couldn’t be easier to apply (just add water) and last up to five days, depending on where you place them – we’ve found that the fingers fade quite quickly. At $1 a pop, they’re one of the cheapest accessories out there, not to mention a budget-friendly way to test the tattoo waters if you’re considering the real deal.

Currently, you can purchase pre-packaged sets online at Mixology and GCGClothing or individually with a minimum order of 10 on INKED by Dani’s site. But given their initial reception, we have a feeling these tattoos are going to fade quickly.


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