The Prinker S allows you to scan temporary tattoos directly on your body


CES is home to all kinds of cool consumer tech, but temporary tattoo printers? It’s material out of left field, but intriguing.

Temporary tattoo shops populate almost every beach promenade on the east and west coasts. And there’s a reason for that, they’re fun to get, and they’re usually a cheap keepsake. The Prinker S is a gadget that will give someone the same kind of ink, but it comes equipped with all kinds of tech fixings.

Prinker is also much, much easier to use because all the recipients will have to do is press a few buttons and voila, they now have ink. However, the Prinker does not give any, as they will wash off like any henna tattoo.

The Prinker is a great low cost solution ideal for temporary tattoo parlors

Anyone can get ink using the company’s app and a Bluetooth connection. Using the Prinker app on your phone and choosing a pattern on it, place which part of your body (preferably not your eyes) under the printer. From there, a few basic sprays will come out to protect the skin. Finally, on a small screen of the printer, it will give a person the option to swipe in the direction in which they want this tattoo. Drag up, left, down, or right and the ink will come out shortly after.

The app has hundreds of pre-designed designs, and for those who are artistic, they can upload a tattoo that they’ve made themselves. This is good practice for those who may want to become an artist themselves.

As of this writing, the Prinker costs $ 270 on its own, with additional black and color cartridges for $ 100 and $ 150 respectively. But that should be more than enough for almost 1,000 photos. With those prices in mind, it is possible that those same temporary tattoo locations will be armed with a Prinker in the future.

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