The first Latino to merge 3D technology with tattooing


The Latinx community is super inventive, whether it’s music, technology, or tattoo art. A Latino who makes the community proud is Darwin Enríquez, known in Latin America for revolutionizing the industry using 3D technology and providing tattoo enthusiasts with an innovative experience.

Enríquez’s creative process begins with scanning the part of the body the client wants to tattoo, creating the design and getting an idea of ​​the final product to execute perfect tattoos to perfection.

Darwin began his career at the age of 20 in the city of Valencia, Venezuela. While working for a tattoo studio, he developed his artistic talents and felt an instant attraction to tattooing and how skin can also be a canvas for his designs.


After only a year of preparation, he began his first professional experience as a tattoo artist. In search of new horizons, he moved to Caracas and was hired by one of the most renowned artists in Venezuela.

Studying alongside the greats, he felt motivated to keep growing until he reached internationalization. The tattoo artist had several opportunities along the way. Yet when a friend in Belgium extended an invitation to work in a studio in Antwerp, Darwin proved that speaking a different language does not preclude receiving recognition and rewards. After a stay in Belgium, he returned to Caracas and joined the workshop of Emilio GonzalezMithos Tatoo.

Meet Darwin Enríquez: the first Latino to fuse 3D technology with tattooing©Agencies

In 2015, Darwin moved to the Big Apple, the city where people say, “if you succeed here, you can succeed anywhere.” Once settled in New York, he began working at the LastRites Tatoo Theater. Knowing that he could take the big step, the artist decided to found Inknation Studio in Manhattan, alongside a Peruvian tattoo artist. Zhimpa Moreno. To show New Yorkers what Latinx artists are made of, Enríquez brought in Latin talent from Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Peru, to name a few.

Ultimately, Darwin’s ultimate goal is to make Inknation Studio one of the best spaces in New York.

Check out some of Darwin’s 3D creations below.

Meet Darwin Enríquez: the first Latino to fuse 3D technology with tattooing©Agencies

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