The 4 best lotions for tattoo aftercare


Tattoos are wounds. Sure, they’re more artistic and sentimental than a scraped knee, but technically your new ink should be treated the same way you would treat a cut or burn. In order to keep your new body art free from infection, dryness and irritation, you will need one of the best lotions for tattoo aftercare.

According to Josh Kohn, tattoo artist and owner of Immortal ink, which has two sites in New Jersey, you should hydrate your new tattoo “for the first two weeks, two to three times a day.” Kohn recommends using a richer ointment for the first three days before switching to “fragrance-free lotion to keep tattoos fresh”.

When it comes to choosing the right lotion, Kohn stresses the importance of using a fragrance-free formula (this includes lotions with natural essential oils). He also says to “refrain from using sunscreen while healing”.

As for Kohn’s other tips for taking care of your new tattoo? He says there are three general rules: “Keep it clean, hydrated, and out of the sun. Avoid direct sunlight, immerse it in water, and try not to touch or itch it. while he heals! “

Coming up, check out Kohn’s two essential picks for keeping your new tattoo hydrated and protected, along with other aftercare products to consider.


Professional picks: days three to five

Kohn recommends applying Aquaphora on your new tattoo for the first three days. This simple ointment has been used for decades to treat cool ink and is the top recommendation of most tattoo artists for initial tattoo aftercare. The rich, fragrance-free formula works by forming a protective barrier that promotes moisture retention while allowing your tattoo to breathe. And since it contains petroleum, it can also help prevent too much water from going through when you shower. In addition to tattoos, it can be used to help heal cuts, burns, and dry, cracked skin. Just be careful not to use too much product so as not to leave a greasy film; a little is all you need.

One fan wrote: “I have used the aquaphor for all the tattoos I have had, and I swear it is past the peeling, itchy, and dry stage.


Choice of pros: for the following weeks

After applying Aquaphor to your new tattoo for the first three days, Kohn recommends switching to Aveeno Fragrance Free. Colloidal oatmeal, the miracle ingredient in all Aveeno products, promotes moisture retention and serves as both a soothing skin tone and a protective barrier against potential irritants, which is why this moisturizing lotion daily is so effective in keeping the new tattoos healthy and fresh. Apply it two to three times a day for the first two weeks before switching to once-daily use.

One fan wrote: “I use Aveeno to help keep my hands hydrated and my tattoos on my arms looking their best. I have also used it as a tattoo maintenance product with great results!”


Another fragrance-free lotion to consider

Another fragrance-free base lotion that you can use is Lubriderm Daily Moisturizing Milk. It contains ingredients like Vitamin B5 to speed healing, as well as glycerin, a common humectant that helps your skin maintain the moisture levels needed for your new ink to heal. Like Aveeno Lotion, this bottle comes with a ton of product, so you can use it all over your body to keep it hydrated.

One fan wrote: “My date when I heal tattoos. I hate unscented lotions because they smell strange to me, but this one works so well! Especially when healing large lumps. This keeps your skin hydrated for a long time with no mess! “


An option for clean beauty enthusiasts

Clean beauty lovers and tattoo lovers love it Palmer’s cocoa butter, which is deeply hydrating and ideal for all skin types. It is rich in vitamin E, which helps speed up the healing process, and is made from natural, minimally processed ingredients. This 7.25-ounce jar goes a long way, especially since it’s a semi-solid product.

Editor’s Note: I have several larger, colorful tattoos, and I always use Palmer Cocoa Butter for them. They healed so well that many people think my five year old pieces are fresh! It smells good too. – Carina Finn


Also great: a follow-up bandage

Many tattoo artists swear by Saniderm, a transparent, self-adhesive bandage this gives you the unique opportunity to watch your tattoo as it heals. Saniderm is often applied by your artist at the end of your shoot, and since it’s waterproof, you can swim and shower right away – a huge plus. It is hypoallergenic, latex free, and many users say it shortens the healing time.

One fan wrote: “Huge roll and for the price I’m happy to report it. I covered a new tattoo when my skin was exposed to dirt and dust at work during the healing stages. No problem keeping it where I put it and it came off without any pain.

This article was originally published on 09/04/2018. It has been updated with additional reports by Adeline Duff.


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