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It wasn’t that long ago that society frowned on tattoos. Today, we accept them and welcome them as part of our culture. We use them to tell stories, commemorate events, and transform our bodies into living works of art.

Over the years, the internet has unleashed a torrent of creativity and tattoo designs. Many are even available for free if you know where to look.

Here are the best sites for free tattoo designs, tattoo designers, and new ideas that you should look into. tattoo photo gallery

Since 1998, has been one of the web’s most popular destinations for all things tattooing. The site regularly features tattoo-related press articles and interviews, artist spotlight, and a section for user-submitted tattoo photos.

Creating an account gives you access to the site’s community features where you can save your favorite creations, leave reviews, and upload your own photos. Their regularly updated YouTube channel features interviews with musicians and other notable tattoo enthusiasts about their ink.

Tattooton tattoo site

This blog highlights some of the best tattoo designs and tattoo designs. Themes like heart, elephant, or mandala tattoos abound, and each post also provides a bit of background on the type of tattoo. Their best-of lists highlight some of the most intricate and notable tattoos of the year.

You can filter the designs by male, female, amazing and unique tattoos. The site is only updated sporadically but remains a great resource for anyone interested in designing their own tattoo.

Instagram tattoo design hashtag search

Over the past few years, Instagram has grown from a photo-sharing site to one of the most important visual media platforms. In 2017, Instagram added the ability to follow hashtags, putting your interests directly in the main feed. The photo-sharing social network has since become one of the best places to find new tattoo artists and shops.

Established and up-and-coming artists post photos of their work, and users regularly tag their favorite artists after going under the needle. Instagram isn’t limited to #ink photos, however, with designers frequently posting art and tattoo designs. They also make it easy to save your favorite images in collections, easily accessible from your profile page.

To download: Instagram for Android (Free) | ios (To free)

Tattoodo tattoo designs

Tattoodo is a social network designed exclusively for tattoo lovers. Co-founded by Ami James of renowned Miami Ink, Tattoodo is one of the most visited tattoo sites in the world. The site, along with the mobile apps that go with it, has an impressive 30 million users. Having gained international fame through his television work, James set out to develop the comprehensive tattoo resource where users can download and browse ink photos, find and follow artists, view tattoo-related videos, and read tattoo-related videos. interviews and guides.

Tattoodo is also a booking platform for reputable tattoo studios around the world. Studios are listed by location and consultations can be booked directly through the website or mobile app. This feature also makes it easier to find safe and respected studios for your next inking session away from home.

To download: Tattoodo for Android (Free) | ios (To free)

Custom tattoo design tattoo design service

For many people, tattoos are personal body art, so a standard approach won’t work for everyone. If you want to create your own tattoo, but you are not an artist yourself, then custom tattoo design may be what you need as you can hire a tattoo designer. Starting with a brief description of your design, their team provides a cost estimate. After agreeing on the quote, you will select an artist to work on your design.

Custom Tattoo Design (CTD) goes out of its way to make sure you are happy with the end result. Before receiving the final design, the artist sends you a sketch for approval. If you are not satisfied with their design, CTD will refund your deposit in full. The final design comes with a Certificate of Authenticity releasing the artist’s copyright so that you can get your personalized tattoo inked.

Tattoo ideas

Tattoo Ideas does not offer tattooed celebrity interviews. It does not produce videos and does not have affiliations with reputable artists. Instead, they keep it simple and focus on the tattoos themselves. The site is a gallery of user-submitted tattoo designs, body ink photos, and some of the best tattoo ideas.

You can either browse the full gallery or filter by section. The sections are also reasonably specific; there are areas for the sleeve, shoulder, geometric tattoos, and even fun tattoos. Like many inking sites, they also offer some tips on what to consider when designing your own tattoo.

subreddit r / tattoos

Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the world, with over 234 million monthly active users. While some of the site’s subtitles have been the source of controversy, they are also some of the best communities online. This is also the case for the tattoo artist community, with / r / tattoos among the most active on the site.

This subreddit is strictly moderated to ensure high quality photos and posts. Users can post their tattoos, as long as they credit the artist and the studio. If you are an artist hoping to showcase your work, you can be checked with moderators.

You might want to discuss everything related to tattooing instead, in which case you will end up in your own home on the / r / tattoo. Likewise, if you are interested in tattoo design ideas and best tattoo designs, you can also check out / r / TattooDesigns.

To download: Reddit for Android (Free) | ios (To free)

Vecteezy tattoo designs

While tattoo photos are easy to find, high-quality digital designs are more elusive. However, the vector graphics website Vecteezy has a huge collection of free and premium tattoo designs. You can search the site for anything that piques your interest, although “tattoo” returns over two thousand results.

Filter images by license type. Standard licenses are submitted by the community and are free to use. You can also purchase premium images using credits or download them for free as part of a recurring Vecteezy subscription.

Custom Inkbox Tattoo Design

You’ve probably heard tattoo horror stories about ink gone wrong or someone’s deep regret. You may be put off by this fear of making a mistake because tattoos are permanent. Inkbox offers an alternative with their temporary tattoos. Traditional temporary tattoos are stickers that often immediately fade or refuse to apply properly to your skin.

Inkbox temporary tattoos work ink into the skin, but not as deeply as regular tattoos. As the skin regenerates, the Inkbox tattoo will fade. With an estimated lifespan of 8-18 days, they are the perfect workaround for anyone who is concerned about the long term commitment of a tattoo.

INKHUNTER tattoo designs

If you are looking for a quick way to test tattoo designs without having to ink them on your body (temporarily or permanently) then give INKHUNTER a try. Using the company’s Android and iOS smartphone apps, you can generate tattoo ideas and visualize them on your body using augmented reality (AR).

The app lets you select designs from the built-in gallery, or you can upload your own. You can then place it digitally on your skin and view it from multiple angles to get an idea of ​​what it will look like when inked. Not satisfied with the design? Just change it in the app and start over.

To download: INK CHANGER for Android (Free) | ios (To free)

Are you ready for your new tattoo?

Tattoos are fast becoming a widely accepted part of our mainstream culture. From celebrities and musicians to coworkers, people speak through their ink. Of course, since tattoos are a permanent addition to your body, taking the time to choose your favorite design is essential.

This is only part of the journey, as you should always know what to expect and how to best prepare. Fortunately, tattoos aren’t the only way to personalize your look. If you are looking for something less permanent, you have options.


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