Test a Tattly: temporary tattoos created by professional designers


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What sparked this adventure happened when his five-year-old daughter, Ella. came home with temporary tattoos. They “sent a shiver down your spine,” Eisenberg told me. “Cheap design, clip-art graphics, bad typography, you get the idea. I found myself complaining about it over and over again and realized I could either keep complaining about it or the change.”

As a result, she reached out to designers she admires, pitched them the idea of ​​designing for “skin,” and within a day received dozens of submissions in her inbox. “My idea was met with great enthusiasm,” she said, “I knew I was onto something.” From the idea to the launch of the site, it only took two months. Now she is making a profit.

While Eisenberg acknowledges there’s a silly element to this, it also fulfills a curious, even primal need, both to make and to wear. Even I’ve been wearing one for a few weeks that says “MAMA” in a swirl style (designed by my wife, Louise Fili).

Each week, Eisenberg releases four new models. “We have a lot of designs in the works as is and aren’t really accepting submissions,” she noted. “We could change that. People really, really want to submit submissions.”

When I made a passing comment that Tattly was a novelty item – a designer version of pet rock – Eisenberg was quick to take umbrage: “I think of it more as an accessory. Accessories change, adapt with the times and with the fashion. trends. so do we. Okay, since Tattly is an accessory, would people wear temporary tattoos?

“Why do people wear bracelets or fancy hats? It’s a form of self-expression,” Eisenberg explained. “Also, temporary tattoos allow commitment phobics to toy with the idea of ​​getting a tattoo. Some of our friends just want to freak out their parents. Personally, I just want to feed my inner child.”

Is it a sideline or an entrepreneurial springboard? “It’s just my way of operating,” Eisenberg concludes, hinting that she needs to get back to work. “I see something I want to fix and I do it. I’m a creator at heart. I couldn’t find the right office environment, so I created it. I couldn’t find the right to-do app, so I do mine. I wanted a more accessible conference-type event, so I created a. My daughter had ugly temporary tattoos, so I started Tattly. I’m just a very pragmatic person.”

Tatty is a pragmatic way for newbies to test out the tattoo scene. The problem is that so far mine has been difficult to wash.

Picture: Tattly.

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