Temporary Tattoos Tattly Boerum Hill Brooklyn


If anyone guessed that temporary tattoos – like the ones you get at vending machines when you could cheat your mom on a quarterback – would be a mega-chic accessory for 2015, please come forward and claim your prize. The latest innovation in the body art trend is a brick and mortar temporary tattoo parlor from Tattly Temporary Tattoos. With a location inside the Invisible Dog Art Center in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, the pop-up will allow patrons to get a full sleeve without committing to having koi on their arm – or even s ‘approach a needle. Tattly took inspiration from traditional tattoo parlors, incorporating vintage-looking furniture including barber chairs, a velvet loveseat, and “a sputnik chandelier” into a space literally carpeted with the Brooklyn artist’s tattoo designs. Tea Leigh. Prices start at $ 15 for a kid’s sleeve and go all the way up to $ 50 if you’re an adult who wants both arms covered in temporary ink. If you need to be served or want a temporary tattoo with your friend, they recommend that you make an appointment. It was a banner year for tattoos. Topshop has joined the trend, and everyone has seen flash tattoos everywhere. To learn more, see our article on the evolution of temporary tattoos at the start of the year.


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