Temporary tattoos on the Dior Couture summer 2018 show


Over the past year, we’ve seen designers make political statements at Fashion Weeks around the world, but that activism doesn’t always translate into beauty looks on the catwalk. That just changed drastically during Dior’s Spring/Summer Couture Fashion Week in Paris, where models showed off their dresses wearing temporary tattoos spelling out protest messages.

At first, the masks and capes from designer Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior collection seemed so surreal that we thought we were back in the 1930s at a party hosted by Salvador Dali. But there was a very modern twist, courtesy of the lead makeup artist Peter Phillips.

Models were sent to the Rodin Museum wearing the ink drawn on their fingers, neck and ears. These French sayings included “Liberté”, which means “freedom”. Other phrases were, “Love is always in front of you. Love!”, which translates to “Love is always in front of you. Love!”

In keeping with the love theme, another model was seen with the words “Au Départ Il Nes’Agit Pas De Comprehend Mais Bien D’Aimer” written across her chest. It means: “In the beginning, it is not necessary to understand but to love.

We are truly feeling this uplifting and inspiring message as we head into spring. Read on to see these looks in action.


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