Temporary tattoos now look like the real thing

Try one on for size (Image: Inkbox)

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Tattoos are a commitment – and they might not suit the indecisive or easily pained among us.

Sometimes we also need to “test” something before committing.

This is where temporary tattoos come in.

We know you’re probably thinking of the tights you got as a kid at parties that wore out after a day – but the newer versions are much cooler and last longer.

First, they are easy to apply. All you do is lay them against the skin for the required amount of time, avoid water for several hours, and then you’re done.

What’s left is a temporary – and convincing one at that – tattoo that will last about two weeks.

a small sun tattoo
Go for a small tattoo (Picture: Inkbox)

This means you can get an idea of ​​the size, placement and overall look before deciding on a permanent tattoo – or just try one on for size as a fashion statement.

One place to go for a huge range of designs is Inkwellwhere you can shop by size and design category.

a shark tattoo
Or something bolder (Photo: Inkbox)

To maximize wear time, keep skin hydrated, avoid exfoliation, and wear loose clothing the first night you apply the tattoo.

The first week the tattoo will look sharp and the second week more faded.

Inkbox does not use henna or jagua, but a herbal formula that sets within an hour.

Try one Inkwell tattoo here.

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