Temporary tattoos go high-tech with Prinker


through to January 09, 2020
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Want a tattoo? Ditch the needles and check out the Prinker S, which we were lucky enough to experience at CES 2020. It’s a handheld device that instantly sprays precise-looking temporary tattoos anywhere on your face. body, whether you want to add elegant art to your skin. or if you want to print the coordinates on your child’s arm in case they get lost, Prinker makes it easy.

You can choose one of over 5000 designs on the Prinker app (for Android or iOS) or upload a custom design of your choice. The device then uses waterproof, skin-safe ink-filled cartridges to apply your tattoo in just three seconds. Once on your skin, it should last up to three days and comes off easily with soap and water.

The Prinker S is available now for $ 269 and comes with a black ink cartridge and a bottle of skin primer to help the ink stick to your skin – that’s enough for around 1000 tattoos. In grayscale. The new black ink cartridges (which come with a new bottle of skin primer) cost $ 99, but if you want to add a zip to your tat color ink set, they are sold separately for $ 149.

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