Temporary Tattoos – Classy Transfer Tattoos to Try Now



If you’ve ever found yourself admiring a stranger’s tattoos on the tube, only to make it (unintentionally) look like you’ve been staring at them for a little too long, you’re not alone.

However, for most of us, the idea of ​​getting a tattoo stuck with that. There are many reasons why permanent tattoos are not a viable option, whether they are banned for health reasons, religious beliefs, or simply the lifetime obligation just seems too terrifying.

This is where temporary tattoos come in. Gaining popularity among virgin tattoo artists and connoisseurs alike, transfer tattoos allow you to experience a realistic tattoo without the discomfort or commitment. Needle-phobes, we’ve got you covered.

No more childhood memories of free adhesive transfers via a vending machine lollipop. The new era of temporary tattoos provides super fancy decals, and with many of them being hand-drawn, it’s hard to tell the real from the fake. Plus, the prices are only a fraction of what you would spend on an actual product. Just call it economical inking.

We’ve picked out some of the best temporary tattoos available, so you can spend less time searching and more time pasting.

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My Jewelry Box – Crystals by Jessica Man Temporary Tattoo

When choosing your next temporary tattoo, why not go for a design created by an illustrator or artist? It’s the easiest way to add some art to your body, literally.


Sleep Temporary Tattoo

Steph DeAngelis for Tattly

US $ 5.00

If you are looking for an original transfer tattoo design, look no further than Tattly. We are obsessed with this image of sleeping sisters of Steph DeAngelis.


Butterflies Temporary Tattoo


£ 7.50

PAPERSELF serves the finest temporary tattoos in the industry. With everything from cartoon cats and vintage bows, botanical plants and zodiac signs, there is a transfer tattoo for everyone. We feel these retro butterfly illustrations for a cute touch of classic tattoo design.


Shiny blue bouquet

You can’t go wrong with a classic blue porcelain floral design. Wrap it around your arm, the front of your thigh, or the side of your back for a temporary tattoo that makes a splash (without commitment).


Energy saving mode

Henn Kim for Tattly

US $ 2.50

Get a semi-permanent tattoo worthy of Sophie Turner’s collection of inks with illustrator Henn Kim’s designs for Tattly. We are currently testing this endearing illustration as a more permanent addition.


Beekeepers Temporary Tattoo

A set of two matching designs allows you to share the temporary tattoo experience with the woman in your life. Give one of these antique Victorian style keys to our best friend and keep the other to yourself.


Floral Confetti

Helen Dealtry for Tattly

US $ 5.00

If traditional floral designs seem a little twee to you, opt for a multicolored abstract pattern instead. This watercolor flower bouquet by Helen Dealtry for Tattly is the latest wildflower tattoo update 2019.


Sophie Rimmer Bird Tattoos

These intricate temporary tattoos are hand-designed by blogger and tattoo artist Sophie Rimmer in her latest collaboration with Gypsy Shrine. There are five different sheets to choose from, and the designs are so realistic that they will definitely make you want the real one.


Australiana Temporary Tattoo

Create your own little garden with these delicate watercolor tattoos, which feature metallic gold detailing to bring the flowers to life on your skin. Simply apply with a damp cloth, peel off and voila! Got some serious Preen SS17 vibes.

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