Tattoo Maintenance Tips | Dos and don’ts after getting a tattoo


Dos and Don’ts After Getting a Tattoo | Photo credit: Instagram

For everyone, getting inked is a great moment of pride. You are then part of the inked club, in which you wear this personalized piece of art for the rest of your life (unless you decide to go for a laser and cancel it).

The real deal of the tattoo session begins after it ends. Tracking your fresh ink is the most important phase and should be taken seriously, otherwise the repercussions can be dangerous. A beautifully done tattoo that you’ve spent weeks thinking about, and hours sitting down, also enduring all the pain, can easily go down the drain.

Getting a tattoo is nothing less than a medical procedure since it is created using a needle that inserts the ink under your skin. And so, leaving your skin unattended can be harmful. Here are some dos and don’ts after you get home with your new ink.


1. It is a general procedure that your tattoo artist will apply ointment and cover it with a tampon first or plastic wrap. This will ensure that your skin remains safe from bacteria since it is now an open wound. This pad also helps absorb excess ink. Keep the dressing until recommended. We know you can be very excited to see the last thing ASAP, but keeping it for at least three hours is recommended.

2. After removing your cover, wash it with lukewarm water and mild soap and dry it with a soft cloth. You can also apply alcohol-free or tattoo-specific moisturizers. Let dry and heal in the open. You can also apply an anti-inflammatory balm to treat any swelling or redness.

3. For faster healing, it is important to keep your tattoo exposed and to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing over the tattooed area for a while.


1. Do not use water that is too hot as it will open your pores and may cause ink to leak in addition to allowing bacteria.

2. Avoid the sun’s rays on your tattoo. Now is not the time to go tanning. If you have to go out, use SPF 30 sunscreens and don’t forget to opt for those specially designed for post tattoo care.

3. Avoid going swimming for at least 3 months, which is a standard healing time.

4. Never pick your tattoo scabs. Not only will they wash off your ink, but your fingernails can transfer bacteria to your skin as well.

5. Do not cover or wrap your tattoo anymore.

If you experience any painful reactions or sensations, contact your tattoo artist immediately and follow the instructions they give you.


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