Tattoo Ideas You Must Try This Year


When getting tattoo ideas, especially for men, it is important to make sure that it not only conveys the message, but also helps maintain your masculine nature. The design and style of the tattoo has so much impact on the outcome of the art. Always make sure to get a tattoo that is bold, unique and suited to your style.

The tattoo you want is usually your idea and your imagination and all the artist does is add a little flair to it. Here are some of the different men tattoo ideas and their deeper meanings.

1. Raven Tattoo Ideas

A crow is a bird used to symbolize wisdom. However, when it comes to tattoos, a crow can be used to signify change or transformation. Therefore, if you have a big turnover or are about to live it, getting a crow tattoo is the best way to demonstrate it.

2. Wolf tattoo

If you are looking for tattoo ideas to symbolize courage and bravery then why not try the wolf tattoo. Make sure all the details are well defined, especially the blue eyes to help get the point across.

3. Skull tattoo

This tattoo is very common among uniformed boys and firefighters. For them, it is a symbol of the dangerousness of their duty. Skull tattoos are used as a daily reminder of the risks associated with a particular lifestyle.

4. Music Tattoo

If you are passionate about music, why not show it through a tattoo. Getting a musical tattoo does not necessarily require you to be into a musical career or have the ability to play musical instruments.

Your love for music is enough for you to get a musical tattoo. You can choose to tattoo a musical instrument, musical notes or even the lyrics of your favorite song.

5. Mountain tattoo

Mountains are favorite tattoo ideas for explorers and travel enthusiasts. A mountain tattoo can be used to express your love of adventure and even your determination. You can get a mountain tattoo as a reminder of a certain journey accomplishment you have made.

6. Feather tattoo

Despite being light as a feather, she has the ability to fly through the sky away from all trouble. Feathers are very useful especially because of their beautiful appearance. Therefore, if you have ambitions and big dreams, a feather tattoo is what you are looking for.

Feather tattoos are also considered spiritual. Some believe that feathers symbolize virtues and pure souls.

7. Lion tattoo

A lion is known as the king of the jungle. Therefore, a lion tattoo is a symbol of leadership and bravery. Apart from the show of boldness, a lion tattoo is perfect for maintaining a masculine image.

A lion tattoo can be presented in different ways depending on your personal preference. You can choose to color it or just use black ink for a simple look.

lion tattoo

8. Wings tattoo

Wings are used to express freedom. Depending on how they are modeled, the wings are also angelic. Wing tattoos are usually done either on the chest or on the back to achieve a symmetrical appearance.

9. Compass Tattoo Ideas for Men

Another way to express your love of travel is to get a compass tattoo. This usually means that no matter where you go, you will always find your way back. To emphasize and add more masculine features, you can pair a compass tattoo with quotes.

10. Flag tattoo

It is a symbol of patriotism for that particular country. Flag tattoos are common for soldiers who use them as a constant reminder of the love they have for their country. The best area to get your country’s flag tattooed is on the arm, shoulder or left side of the chest.

Getting a flag tattoo near your heart is a symbol of the love you have for your country. If you are far from your home country, the flag is usually a constant reminder of your origin.


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