Tattoo Ideas for Independence Day 2020: From Indian Flag to “Vande Mataram” Patriotic Tattoo Inspirations That Are Safe and Easy


This time of year is where patriotism will be in the air. It is August 15, 2020 and India will celebrate 74 years of freedom this year. There are many ways to celebrate the day and since we may not be able to get together due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will need to look for creative ways to observe the day. One of the best ways to get into Independence Day is to get a patriotic tattoo. You don’t have to get a permanent one, in fact there are so many safe temporary options out there for you to try.

The significance of this day dates back to 1947, when India claimed sovereignty after being an independence day from British India. Every year, Indians celebrate this day with great fervor and enthusiasm. India’s National Day, also known as “I Day”, gives you the feeling of freedom. Most people wear traditional white on this day and have their face and hands colored or tattooed. You might want to know Trendy tricolor nail art to show your patriotic side this August 15th. People love to display our beautiful national flag in a number of creative ways on Independence Day. There are so many reasons to flaunt the tricolor and what better way to celebrate the three vibrant colors than in the form of temporary tattoos on our body? There are so many inspiring DIY videos of tricolor temporary tattoos online that can help you. If you are looking for cool Independence Day tattoo inspirations, here are a few:


Simple but powerful

Indian flag in heart

There are many temporary tattoo options that are natural and gentle on the skin that you can go for. You can also do this at home using skin-friendly options.

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