Tattoo artist inks nipples on himself as a practice for cancer survivors


You’ve heard of a triple nipple, but this woman has eight extras, all made of ink.

Tattoo artist Vicky Martin has specialized for 15 years in tattooing nipples on breast cancer survivors who have undergone surgical removal. The dedicated mom is an expert at her niche craft, but remains determined to keep improving, which she does by exercising on herself.

“I’m always coming up with new techniques and trying new products, and I’m happy to use my leg as a canvas if it means the outcome is better for my clients,” the Three Mile Cross resident told Reuters, UK. “I currently have two realistic nipples on my leg. I certainly get some weird looks, but I don’t mind.

While she has two at the moment, she’s inked eight bites on her thighs over the years, but she eventually covers them all with more tattoos once she’s done observing how the tattoo looks. original stands the test of time.

“It’s worth seeing how the nipples heal on the skin so I can assess my work,” explained the areola expert, who conducts Vicky Martin method of tattooing nipples trainings around the world.

Vicky Martin shows off two practical nipple tattoos visible on her leg.
James Linsell-Clark / SWNS

Back then – when Martin first attended training school in Portland, Oregon 15 years ago – women who had recently had their nipples removed during mastectomy “had pain. luck, “she said, if they received an ink replacement that looked like” an orange stain.

The industry has come a long way since then which is a boon for cancer survivors.

“People might think, ‘No one really sees your nipples, so what does that matter?’ But women see their own nipples every day, and it’s a reminder of what they’ve been through, ”said Martin. “I see my work as awarding cancer survivors medals for what they’ve been through, which is why I always try to improve myself. ”

nipple tattoos
Martin is committed to improving himself at his craft, even if it means having weird looks.
James Linsell-Clark / SWNS

Although she sometimes has strange looks, she believes in what she does so much that it is easy to have thick skin against enemies.

“I love being able to help women move past what they’ve been through and help them feel strong and proud,” she said. “If that means wearing nipples on my legs, then too bad!” “

nipple tattoos
After observing the healing process, Martin covers the workout tattoos with permanent ink.
James Linsell-Clark / SWNS


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