Tattoo artist avoids prison after sexually assaulting model


Although Shane Sunday was sentenced to three months in jail by Newtownards Magistrates Court last Tuesday, District Judge Mark Hamill suspended her for three years.

Ordering the 48-year-old to sign the police sex offender register for seven years, the judge warned on Sunday that it was his “clean record and you pleaded guilty early that keeps you out of jail”.

Last May on Sunday, Croft Street in Bangor, and who founded the Alternative Ink tattoo studio, pleaded guilty to a single count of sexual assault on April 6 this year in which he touched the complainant in a sexual way when “she did not consent to the touching and you could not reasonably believe that she consented”.

On Tuesday, a lawyer told the court that the victim was modeling for Sunday, wearing only his underwear and was in a massage table when he “touched his private parts without his consent”.

Arrested and questioned, Sunday “confirmed that he had done exactly as he claimed”.

Defense attorney Johnathon Browne said the offense was “an extremely unfortunate situation” as the victim had modeled for Sunday before and he “completely misread the situation”.

“He has a completely clean criminal record and it is an extremely regrettable situation for which he unreservedly apologizes to this lady,” the lawyer said adding that beyond the offense itself, “there are no aggravating circumstances but a significant attenuation”.

Mr Browne said that despite the conviction, Sunday intended to continue his work as a tattoo artist.

“Notwithstanding the seriousness of the case and he will have to live with the consequences of the sex offender registry and perhaps, more importantly, he will have to deal with the lingering shame of this particular case,” the defense counsel said. .

As well as the suspended prison sentence, DJ Hamill also ordered on Sunday that the victim be paid £400 as compensation ‘even though it has nothing to do with compensation, but it is a gesture’ .

He warned on Sunday that if he did it again or didn’t pay the money, “I’ll send you to jail.”


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