Tattly’s epic sale is a must-have for fans of temporary tattoos


If you’ve ever thought about getting a tattoo (or a second, third, or fourth), you’ve probably thought about the fact that this is a big commitment. They are on your body forever, so you want to see what it looks like and where it is placed. Not to mention that getting inked can also be costly and painful. But for now, there is a solution to all of this – Tattly temporary tattoos are currently at 50% off, so you can get a trial tattoo for less.

The sale began Thursday in honor of Tattly’s birthday. It runs until July 24 and virtually all fake masterpieces are discounted with code BDAY50 at checkout.

If you know Tattly, you know these aren’t your childhood temporary tattoos. They’re made in Brooklyn, NY and designed by real artists, so they look creative, ornate, and often quite lifelike.

Fake ink is a great way to test what you think real ink – where you would put it, what look you would like, and so on. But even if you don’t plan on getting a tattoo for life, it’s still fun to pretend that you get tattooed sometimes. The good news is, when they’re so marked, there’s not much to stop you from trying them out.

Here are six amazing temporary tattoos to hang right now while many of them are at a discount (as a bonus, they all come in sets of two).

1. Festive floral tattoo

Festive Floral Tattoo by Helen Dealtry, $ 2.50 (original $ 5), Tattly

This brilliant tattoo is bold and delicate at the same time.

2. Gold peacock tattoo

Gold Peacock Tattoo by Rifle Paper Co., $ 3 (original $ 6), Tattly

OK, so a gold tattoo may not look real, but it’s definitely flashy.

3. Saguaro cactus tattoo

Saguaro Cactus Tattoo by James Gulliver Hancock, $ 2.50 (original $ 5), Tattly

When it’s hotter than the desert outside, this prickly tattoo is a way to embrace it.

4. Stallion tattoo

Stallion Tattoo by Stina Persson, $ 2.50 (original $ 5), Tattly

This dripping watercolor design is positively fascinating.

5. Rosemary tattoo

Rosemary Tattoo by Vincent Jeannerot, $ 3 (original $ 6), Tattly

The best part about this ink: it’s scented. You can’t get that with a real tattoo, can you?

6. Ice cream popsicle tattoo

Tattoo Popsicles, $ 2.50 (original $ 5), Tattly

Apply this fun summer tattoo all at once, or separate each popsicle and place them in different spots.


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