Tattly scented temporary tattoos are all the rage for summer 2017


Remember the temporary tattoos provided in the Fruit Stripes Eraser? For those of us who came of age in the 90s, they were the first inelegant introduction to temporary tattoos. If that wasn’t your style, you could get temporary glittery bumblebee or butterfly designs at the bowling alley or donut store for a quarter. Although as a generation we are well beyond these rudimentary temporary tattoos and have either decided not to use the ink or made our art a little more permanent, some of us still want a way. temporary decorating our bodies, and Tattly is there for us in these times. . Recently, they’ve upped their game, and now they’re offering scent options – that’s right, there are scent temporary tattoos, and we predict they’ll be everywhere this summer.

Tattly’s scent offerings transform you into a human to scratch and sniff. They offer 12 different flavors: four herbs, including parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (naturally); four different candy flavors, including candy hearts and a pop ring; and four different floral scents, including a blue hydrangea, a purple peony, a pink peony and a rose. You can buy each of these scents individually for $ 6 (comes with two), or each set of four for $ 18 (comes with two of each scent).

Photos on Instagram are absolutely gorgeous, and you’ll wish Instagram had a scent feature as you browse them. Tattly says they last anywhere from two to four days which doesn’t seem like long enough given their beauty. Go ahead and order a few more, just to be sure.

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