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Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline” is a dark fantasy children’s novel centered on a young girl who discovers a secret passage to another world while exploring her new apartment. Ignored by her busy parents, Coraline craves the attention she receives from her Other Mother, who shower her with gifts and sweets. The Other Mother encourages her to stay forever on one condition; she has to sew buttons on Coraline’s eyes. Not wanting to accept the terms, Coraline struggles to return to her world, only to learn that the Other Mother won’t give up on her so easily.

Upon its release in 2002, “Coraline” was a hit with readers and critics around the world, even winning the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2003 and the Bram Stoker Award for Best Work for Young Readers in 2002, two of the most. high accolades in fantasy writing. .

However, “Coraline” hardly ever saw the light of day as Gaiman’s literary agent feared the book was too scary to publish. Knowing that the children would love the story, Gaiman suggested that he read the book to his daughters and get their opinions. After receiving rave reviews from the girls and making sure they weren’t terrified, the book was given the green light a week later. It wasn’t until a decade later that Gaiman met one of the girls at an event where the girl revealed that she lied to her mother about her fear, her desire to know what would happen. Coraline then got the better of her fear. It just goes to show that sometimes a lie can work in your favor.

In 2009, the book came to life with the release of the Oscar-nominated stop-motion film directed by Henry Selick. Stop-motion is a notoriously laborious process with a week of filming only producing 1.5 hours of footage. The sets were all handcrafted, and a crew member’s job was to craft the miniature knitwear the characters wear throughout the film with needles the size of a human hair. In total, it took four years to bring “Coraline” to the big screen.

Fans of the book and its film adaptation often show their love for this timeless classic by dressing up as their favorite characters for Halloween and conventions. Some fans take it a step further and get tattoos of their favorite characters, symbols and moments to admire them forever. Here are some of the best ‘Coraline’ tattoos that we could find to show our love for this spooky and enchanting piece of art that the whole family can enjoy.


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