Sorry Mom Founder Rasmus: Proper Tattoo Aftercare Is The Key To Great Tattoos


Following a proper tattoo aftercare routine and using the right tattoo care products shortens healing time and significantly lowers the risk of infection.

Tattoos may have once been taboo, but today they are more widely accepted than ever. However, there is still a lot of misinformation regarding the best practices for ensuring proper healing of newly tattooed skin.

Although a tattoo is only a cosmetic procedure, its effects go far beyond the skin. For this reason, aftercare is essential for keeping tattoos looking vibrant and sharp and also for the overall health of the body.

The problem is that the aftercare sometimes takes precedence over the excitement that comes with getting a tattoo. However, if not taken seriously, it could damage the tattoo and even lead to infection.

Rasmus, CEO and Founder of Sorry Mom (Tattoo Aftercare Company) explains that there are several factors that will affect the overall healing process (age, placement, health, skin type) over which we have no control. However, we have control over the aftercare routine given to newly tattooed skin.

Although there are standard rules and protocols for tattoo preparation, aftercare seems to vary from artist to artist. Some may cover new tattoos with plastic wrap while others prefer to put on a bandage. An artist may also recommend wet healing (using tattoo care products) rather than dry healing (letting the skin heal on its own).

However, research shows that treating any wound – including tattoos – in a moist environment has several benefits, including a lower risk of infection, a faster healing process, and less pain. More information can be found at

There are other steps that can be taken to ensure better looking and healthier tattoos: avoiding the sun, not swimming with new tattoos for the first 3-4 weeks, and keeping the skin hydrated and hydrated. , to name a few.

Therefore, including the right choice of skincare products and following a few basic practices will make a huge difference in the outcome of tattooed skin in the long run.

A professional tattoo aftercare routine can be found at

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