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Snails are among the most fascinating animals on earth, but the only time anyone brings them up in conversation is in the form of ridicule.

“You are as slow as a snail.”

“Snails are coarse and slimy.”

A die best tracks on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” involves a character named Gail the Snail as the gang throws salt at her. Gail is terrible, okay, but you don’t have to put snails in it, guys.

Granted, I might be a little biased as I have a snail tattoo myself (I named it Snathan), but I’ve always found the creatures fascinating. Growing up in California, it didn’t rain often, but every time it did, the sidewalk was covered in snails soon after. I would go out and watch them for hours as they walked across the yard. And yes, they were slow, but they were fascinating.

I found two things completely fascinating about gastropods: their eyes and the beautiful shells they inhabit. Both of those traits were things you craved as a kid. Having eyes above long eye stalks would be great for seeing around corners, peeking over fences, and getting into all sorts of general mischief. As a frequent target of bullies, the shell allowed me to crawl into a safe space at all times.

Of course, you don’t need to have the fanciful imagination of a lonely only child to appreciate snails, simple science is enough. We’ve already discussed how awesome it would be to have eye stalks, but it turns out that snails can “see” with their whole body! Their whole body is covered with light-sensitive cells, which allows them to perceive shadows even if their eyes are looking away. It’s the kind of thing that comes in very handy when a troublemaking child approaches with a salt shaker.

But when it comes to snail tattoos, artists tend to focus less on the incredible feats these creatures are capable of and more on the shell. As you’ll see in the gallery below, a lot of artistic liberties are taken with the shell of these snails. Sometimes they grow mushrooms out of their shell, which is pretty dope, and other times the shell grows into a skull, which is badass because they all pop out.

The thing is, snails are cool and should be treated as such. Do you have your own snail tattoo? Share it with us on social media!


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