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Our body art series produced some interesting stories, including this one from Gretna’s Conaway “Connie” Saux referencing one of her early tattoo stories:

“My daughter has heard the story all her life about my dad giving me permission to get a tattoo if I got an ‘I’m stupid’ tattoo on my forehead.

“When she was in her second year at the UN, we had lunch every Wednesday. One Wednesday she said she was too busy. The following Wednesday she let me down again and I got worried.

“The following Wednesday, I asked that we meet for lunch. When she arrived, there was a strange look on her face.

“I asked what was wrong. She told me she had a tattoo. I asked where, she said her lower leg. I said it was no big deal .

“Then she said she made the dean’s list. I said, ‘If you make the dean’s list next semester, get another one.

“Well, she did. And she did it again. And again. Now she has over 30 tattoos on her body.

“She also earned a doctorate from Harvard in evolutionary biology and is now a full professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.”


A tattoo story from Carol Gaignard, from New Iberia:

“In the mid-1950s, my grandparents would have the whole family over for a Sunday barbecue.

“Most of us grandkids were in our early teens or younger, but our cousin Rudy was in his mid-twenties and came from the Navy.

“He had a tattoo of an anchor on his bicep and moved it when he flexed. Us younger cousins ​​were fascinated. He was so cool, and maybe a little bad boy!

“I asked him if it hurt to get a tattoo, and he said, ‘Nothing hurts when you’re drunk.’

“Now we all thought he really was the coolest person we’ve ever known!”

Get in line

“About tattoos and the military,” says David Hart, “I have a buddy who got his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his upper arm, because he felt she was the ONLY one.

“After her, he decided to draw just one line over her name and tattoo the new love underneath.

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“I haven’t seen how long the list has become.”

missing chocolate

Jeannette Beck, of Donaldsonville, tells this sandwich story:

“I was in first year at Institut Saint-Vincent (now Ascension catholique) when my brother Raymond forgot our chocolate sandwich lunch on the school bus.

“My mom made the best chocolate sandwiches. She baked sugar, Hershey cocoa, pet milk, and a little vanilla.

“When she poured this mixture on white bread, it became hard. It was so delicious!

“The Daughters of Charity ran the school. I guess they felt sorry for us and made us lunch.”

(But not chocolate sandwiches, I bet. …)

Oh. Not serious …

A retired New Orleans firefighter says Saturday’s idea of ​​painting fire hydrants blue or red to reflect political preferences is not a good idea:

“Some are color coded to indicate the size of the main water pipe the hydrant is connected to, which will let firefighters know how much water they can expect from them.”

Special Persons Department

  • Owen Lange Jr. turns 95 on Monday, August 22.
  • Bill and Nancy Wolfe of Belle Chasse celebrate their 63rd birthday on Monday, August 22. He is a retired Navy veteran; she had a 25-year career with the Department of Defense.

deal breaker

Nancy Wolfe, mentioned above, shares one reason why her marriage to Bill Wolfe lasted 63 years:

“My husband told me early on that everything would be fine and we wouldn’t divorce until I ran out of onions.

“To this day, when there is only one onion left in the house, I hurry to replace them!”


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