Selena Gomez Tour Temporary Tattoos

We started seeing the phenomenon of celebrities with temporary tattoo lines last year. Rihanna has one with jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche. Beyoncé has a collection with the famous brand Flash Tat. And now, Selena Gomez is following in the footsteps of those queens, but with her own twist. On the singer’s next tour, you’ll be able to get temporary versions of her real ink. “[A]All my tattoos will be available. Each one of them means so much to me,” Gomez captioned an Instagram photo this morning, showing off her ink with the temporary versions. “I have 7 tattoos (and counting).” We know what you may be thinking: I didn’t even know Selena had tattoos – let alone seven. And, the same. Well, they’re all pretty incognito, and this tendency for small tat East very much on the rise. In a recent Refinery29 interview, Gomez showed us her ink designs, which include a small musical note on her right wrist; a “G” behind his left ear (for his little half-sister Gracie); her mother’s birthday in Roman numerals on the back of her neck; a Bible verse on her right hip that says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”; the date she met her best friend on her left hip; and the phrase “Love yourself first” in Arabic on his back. Her seventh tattoo has yet to be revealed, but she hinted to us that it was celebrating her personal rebirth. The only problem with these temporary tattoos is that, from what we can tell, you can only pick them up on his tour. For Gomez fans who can’t afford tickets, hopefully they’ll be on sale elsewhere soon after.

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