Scented temporary tattoos are exploding on Pinterest


Every summer, the Pinterest Trends Report sets the tone for everything that happens in our feeds, and therefore ourselves. Based on today’s most searched terms, it’s a pretty good indicator of what’s going on in the beauty world. Well the latest report is out and while some probably aren’t that shocking, platinum blonde shoulder length hair is in constant demand, as are rising trends like gym makeup, space buns, and nails. mismatched. The great beauty trend of the internet just might.

We are talking about small tattoos. But not just any genre. Specifically, scented Temporary tattoos are pinned more than any other beauty trend right now. Searches for them are up 450% from last year, which means if you haven’t seen them yet, they’re about to explode in a major way.

In terms of where to buy them, Tattly leads the pack. Their Perennial collection features designs by French watercolorist Vincent Jeannerot and comes as a set of eight divinely detailed tattoos. Each is printed with vegetable ink and lasts between two and four days. And yes, before you ask, they are definitely water and summer resistant. In fact, they’ll last a bit longer if you wash them gently, depending on the brand.

Besides being absolutely gorgeous, the scents of Tattly’s temporary tattoos last as long as the tattoo itself. They vary depending on the collection, but include true floral designs to match the decadent watercolors, including hydrangeas, peonies, poplar wood and pink france.

Tattly is certainly not the only brand on the market, but it is the most famous on Instagram that we have seen so far. And now that tattoo research is booming, we have a feeling that more and more companies are going to join us. Check out some of our favorite scent and pinned temporary tattoo inspirations below.

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