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Tattoo by Shubey. Photo: Supplied

Port Lincoln locals Shubey and Nikita Schubert recently returned to Port Lincoln after three years of hard work in Adelaide.

The husband and wife duo opened their own tattoo shop, Rise & Shine Tattoo Studio, to provide a neat, clean and non-threatening space where anyone can get a tattoo.

“We are both from Port Lincoln and moved to Adelaide three years ago to advance our careers,” Shubey said.

“I got a job at one of the best tattoo shops in Adelaide.”

Tattoo by Chris.  Photo: Supplied

Tattoo by Chris. Photo: Supplied

“Once we had our little girl, we decided to move to be closer to the family.”

“When I had the idea of ​​opening my own shop, I wanted to create a welcoming place where everyone could come in and feel safe.”

“I am dedicated to quality, making sure my customer’s experience is the best it can be.”

“Your comfort is one of our top priorities with high quality tattoos that will look great for life.”

Drawing by Shannen.  Photo: Supplied

Drawing by Shannen. Photo: Supplied

The studio officially opened on Tuesday, June 22, and the team appreciates the feedback they’ve received from customers and locals since then.

“It’s nice to be back in the community and feel supported by other community members and also to be able to support other community members with our store,” Shubey said.

“We are so grateful for this opportunity and want to thank everyone who has supported us and helped us get to this point, we wouldn’t be here without you.”

“People from all over the world have traveled to come see me. Even friends from Adelaide have come to see the shop.”

Tattoo by Shubey.  Photo: Supplied

Tattoo by Shubey. Photo: Supplied

“I would like to thank my mum who did a lot of work setting up the shop for us while we were still working in Adelaide, my co-workers for working on the shop and my landlady Jenny, I’m quite happy that she gave me the place.”

The Rise & Shine Tattoo Studio team consists of Shubey who has 11 years of experience in the industry, Chris who has 10 years of experience and a new apprentice, Shannen

Shubey would describe his work as clean.

He has a passion for geometric and fine line tattoos.

Tattoo by Chris.  Photo: Supplied

Tattoo by Chris. Photo: Supplied

“I’m happy to work on any type of tattoo and I’m pretty versatile,” Shubey said.

“Chris is really good black and gray realism and Shannen is an amazing artist.”

From October 29 to November 3, @piercingperfectionau from Adelaide will join the team at Rise & Shine Tattoo Studio.

“Sharon is one of Adelaide’s top drills with extensive experience in advanced body piercing and we look forward to bringing her incredible skills to Port Lincoln,” Shubey said.

All Rise & Shine Tattoo Studio tattoos are vegan.

Tattoo by Shannen.  Photo: Supplied

Tattoo by Shannen. Photo: Supplied

The team would like to point out that they work on the lands of Barngarla.

Find Rise & Shine Tattoo Studio on Facebook or Instagram for more information and photos.

To make an appointment, call Shubey on 0447 158 827.


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