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Puffins are the answer to the age-old question: What if penguins had the drive and knew how to fly?

OK, that’s probably throwing some unnecessary shade at the penguins, but puffins are the cold weather seabird that does it all. Do they dine on delicious fish? Yes. Do they hang out on rocks in miserable weather, looking adorable? They do. Can they fly when they don’t feel like waddling awkwardly from place to place? Absolutely right.

While penguins tend to stick to the southern hemisphere, puffins are found exclusively in the north with species found in the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It’s pretty cold there, so if you’re a biology dropout like me, you’ll be wondering how puffins don’t freeze their little tuchus? The secret to their inner warmth comes from their stocky stature.

It is their shape that also gives them the nickname puffins. They look a little puffy, puffy if you will, and the name just stuck.

Puffins are mostly black and white (like their lazy, non-flying penguin friends), but for part of the year they have incredibly colorful beaks. Much like how you might choose flashy clothes before hitting the club – perhaps it’s more apt to say the way you’ll cover your skin with tattoos – vibrant colors are meant to help attract a companion. Once they latch on and settle into their nest for the breeding season, the birds lose their colorful beaks.

Do you know what a baby puffin is called? A breath. Seriously. These birds are the cutest thing on Earth and honestly, we don’t deserve to share the planet with such dear creatures.

The least we can do to show our appreciation for puffins is to cover our own skin with puffin tattoos. We can’t eliminate them at the end of the season, but why would we even want to? Enjoy this gallery of puffin tattoos!

And we couldn’t do a whole collection of puffins without adding at least one porg, or as I like to call them, “Space Puffins”. They are adorable…and delicious.


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