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If gentle cleansing is the first rule of post-tattoo treatment, then hydration is the second. Both with a dedicated cream and moisturizer that can handle the necessities of hydrating your affected skin.

Daryl: “Apply a light coat of healing cream, such as Tattoo Goo Fast Penetrating Lotion (£ 12.99,, two to three times a day for seven days. “

Plus, apply a light, unscented moisturizer, like Lubriderm for Sensitive Skin (£ 13, for seven to ten days. The tattoo will scab slightly, so avoid scratching or picking at all costs. You should also avoid swimming, sunbeds and direct sunlight for at least two weeks. “

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4) Check with your artist in case of an “angry” tattoo

By following the instructions above, you should avoid any unwanted aggravation. Don’t panic if you experience irritation though. With the right advice, the situation should be easily corrected.

Daryl: “We use completely new needles with sterile inks. However, if a tattoo gets angry and doesn’t heal properly, you should visit your tattoo artist and seek their advice. Usually a tattoo is made worse by tight clothing, so does it. from being hit fresh by your best friend in the pub or from exposure to dirt and harsh cleaning chemicals – just like an injury. “

“Years ago a guy came to me saying his tattoo takes years to heal. As he spoke he was scratching his two day old tattoo. So I asked him if he had it. already chosen. He assured me that he had not scratched the tattoo. And all the while, he kept scratching it, all the while looking me straight in the eye. That’s what us tattooists do. , have to face every day! “

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