Pitch staff get temporary tattoos


One of the memorable parts of Wade Miley’s no-hitter in Cleveland is that he launched with a temporary Hulk tattoo on his right forearm.

Miley’s 4-year-old son Jeb put the temporary tattoo on his forearm, and he highlighted it in his post-game interview afterwards. Miley wanted it on her shoulder so she could hide it, but her young son said it had to be on the back of her hand or on her forearm.

“I probably could have hid it if I hadn’t said anything that day,” Miley said. “It was a special moment. He told me when I got back from Colorado, he said, ‘Daddy, I’m famous.’ You know, it’s cool to hear him say that and try to get involved. Actually, it made him love baseball more. So that’s kinda cool to me.

Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Wade Miley presents his cap to fans after pitching a hit against Cleveland on May 7, 2021.

Miley has confirmed that he will have another Hulk temporary tattoo on his arm for his departure on Wednesday against the San Francisco Giants. What’s special about his young son is that other pitchers wanted to be a part of him.

Sonny Gray had a temporary tattoo of Thor on his shoulder when he left on Monday. Luis Castillo was due to have a Hawkeye tattoo by Tuesday night.

“Sonny had the tattoo (Monday), wore the Thor, but he wore it over his shoulder and I explained to him that it doesn’t work if you hide it from the world,” Miley said. “You have to put it on your forearm. Maybe Jeb will put on his neighbor so he can see if Jeb has superpowers.

“We’ll check all the boxes for sure.”

Miley never imagined that the “Avengers” temporary tattoos would peel off like they did after the no-hitter. He didn’t plan on talking about it in his post-game interview until he saw it talking.

Amir Garrett’s wife provided temporary tattoos to the pitchers, who were waiting in their lockers when they returned home on Monday after their road trip.

However, some characters are prohibited.

“Jeb is very, let’s say he’s a little selfish,” Miley said. “He doesn’t want to give Spider-Man to anyone. He doesn’t want to give Iron Man to anyone. The cool and cool characters, my man isn’t ready to give up. He’s not ready to part with them for the instant. I tried to convince him, “I love Iron Man, maybe I can use Iron Man. He’s not here yet. I’m stuck on Hulk right now.”

His teammates joked with Miley saying he needed to get a permanent Hulk tattoo after his absence. When Miley’s father, Wendell, saw the temporary tattoo during Miley’s draw, he thought it was real.

“I was almost frustrated because I always told Wade I didn’t want tattoos,” Wendell Miley said. “I’m not a tattooed person. I was like, ‘God, he’s always gone for a tattoo on his forearm.’ When he showed what it was, we burst out laughing. It was so funny. I could understand that because Jeb, he loves his characters so much. “

Nick Senzel was out of the lineup on Tuesday due to knee pain.  Reds manager David Bell said,

SENZEL, SITTING MOUSTAKAS: Nick Senzel, who started Monday’s game on third base, was out of the lineup on Tuesday with knee pain. He showed a hint of limping when he ran.

“He’s handled different things,” Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell said. “He had a little injury in his groin, a shoulder. He’s doing both. A little pain in his knee (Monday) and that’s why he’s out of line. Nothing. Luckily, because he’s playing really well, he’s going to be back in a day or two, but he’s available.

Moustakas came off the bench for a home plate appearance and an inning at first base on Monday, but he continues to face a bruise on his right heel.

“This injury, he was in a lot of pain,” said Bell, who noted that Moustakas was available for pinch hits on Sunday. “He’s getting there. It’s just slower and there’s really nothing he can do to speed it up. We’ll get him off the bench. I hope he can be back in the lineup. the next day or so. “

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto will have a follow-up x-ray of his broken left thumb on Tuesday or Wednesday.

VOTTO ACTIVE: Joey Votto will have a follow-up x-ray on his broken left thumb on Tuesday or Wednesday to make sure things are healing properly, but he did a few baseball activities before Tuesday’s game.

Votto led the bases in a team-wide grassroots running exercise. He didn’t bring a glove, but he caught a few short throws from the coaches as he apparently worked on his footwork at first base.


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