How to get temporary tattoos at home even if you suck at drawing – photos

I have always loved temporary tattoos. They add character and are ideal for weaklings like me who are too afraid to get the real deal. So when I realized I could do them at home after watching a YouTube tutorial by Hermione Chantal, I almost lost my mind. Back in the mid ’90s, slipping a […]

13 nerdy but classic temporary tattoos for true fans – PHOTOS

Personally, I’m waiting for the day when “permanent temporary” tattoos are a thing, meaning your ink will last a few years, but eventually wear off afterwards. This wish is especially important when I think about getting nerdy tattoos that I’m passionate about. now, but not quite sure what i will love for the rest of […]

9 cool inner lip tattoo ideas that make perfect temporary (and hidden) ink

Lip tattoos have been popping up everywhere lately. From sassy phrases to tiny images, cool inner lip tattoos have gained enormous popularity. Even celebrities are in the trend: Miley Cyrus was spotted inking her inner lip fourteen months ago. The Instagram photo alone has received over 717,000 likes. Prior to that, pop star Kesha sported […]

H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Tracker Kit Launches On Walgreens Shelves

STUART, Florida – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –H2Ocean, a leader in the development of natural health care products using patented sea salt formulas, is proud to announce the launch of their Extreme Tattoo Care Kit in 5,179 Walgreens stores nationwide found in the first aid section. H2Ocean Extreme Tattoo Care (ETC) Kit, is a three-step system that […]