Confessional by Chris Carrabba – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

by Jenna Romaine The year 2020 was to be a highlight for the darlings of pop-punk Dashboard Confessional. After two decades spent together, backed by seven studio albums and hit singles like “Screaming Infidelities”, “Hands Down” and “Vindicated”, singer Chris Carrabba and the band were on the first leg of a tour celebrating the 20th […]

Taboo tattoos: Vietnamese women find healing through ink

In her tiny Hanoi apartment, tattoo artist Ngoc inks middle-aged women whose lives have been turned upside down by divorce or illness, each seeking healing through an art form still largely taboo in Vietnam. . Although attitudes are changing, tattoos remain associated with gangsters, prostitution and criminal hiding in the largely conservative communist country. “I […]

Artist creates incredible animated tattoos with moving neon lights

You may already be familiar with black light tattoos created using ultraviolet ink, but the Russian artist Maxim Sipakov takes vivid body art to a whole new level. The talented 18-year-old animator digitally edits videos from tattoo artists around the world. He adds neon lights to their creations that seem to move across the skin […]

11 hilarious tattoo pranks – tattoo ideas, artists and models

To say that the past year has been difficult, frustrating and often exhausting would be an understatement to end all euphemisms. Sometimes you have to step away from the rest of the world and have a laugh or two before you get back on your feet and face whatever other challenges the day decides to […]

Tattoo Maintenance Tips | Dos and don’ts after getting a tattoo

Dos and Don’ts After Getting a Tattoo | Photo credit: Instagram For everyone, getting inked is a great moment of pride. You are then part of the inked club, in which you wear this personalized piece of art for the rest of your life (unless you decide to go for a laser and cancel it). […]

Bam Margera hospitalized after infection with new tattoo

It doesn’t matter if you have a small party tattoo or end a multi-year journey to finish a bodysuit, every tattoo session ends exactly the same, with the tattoo artist reminding you to take care of your new ink. When you’ve been tattooed more times than you can count, it’s easy to ignore this advice. […]

Temporary Tattoos For Adults | POPSUGAR Beauty

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write things that we love and think you will like, too. If you purchase a product that we have recommended, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. One of the perks of spending the last year limiting the time we spend in social […]

The Age of Reinvention – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

By Durb Morrison Today, tattooing is developing at a rapid rate. What was once a guarded and secret industry is now a booming, educated and artistic industry now in its rebirth! The search for new inventions, new products, new approaches and new thought processes has essentially brought us into the “era of reinvention”. Tattooing has […]