75 Creative Circus Tattoos – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

For more than 250 years, circuses have performed in towns and cities around the world, dazzling audiences with their spectacularly talented artists. Much of this industry and its global boom can be attributed to Philip Astley. Astley was an English horseman who began to organize horse riding shows in London in 1768. After two years […]

Pitch staff get temporary tattoos

One of the memorable parts of Wade Miley’s no-hitter in Cleveland is that he launched with a temporary Hulk tattoo on his right forearm. Miley’s 4-year-old son Jeb put the temporary tattoo on his forearm, and he highlighted it in his post-game interview afterwards. Miley wanted it on her shoulder so she could hide it, […]

Ms Hinch Shows Off ‘Amazing’ eBay Temporary Tattoos For Eyebrows

MRS Hinch showed off the “amazing” temporary eyebrow tattoos she picked up on eBay – but ended up with “growths” on her arm after trying them on. The cleaning guru, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, shared her beauty purchase with her Instagram followers. 4 Ms Hinch revealed the £ 6 eyebrow tattoos she bought on eBayCredit: […]

Tattoo aftercare tips to avoid infections

Whether it took you five minutes, fifteen hours or more to get your new tattoo, you’ll want to take care of it properly. The right follow-up can be the difference between an ink that stays beautiful and a tattoo that becomes blurry, discolored, and worse, infected. Only 7 states require their health departments to approve […]

Popular tattoos and designs that came out, according to the designers

Tattoo artists shared which designs will be popular throughout 2021 and which will be less common. Birthdays and faces of loved ones should be trending tributes to get this year. Customers are asking less for cartoon style designs and lower back tattoos. Visit the Insider home page for more stories. Loading Something is loading. Tattoos […]

Pilots to Pickups – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

Almost 30 years ago, “Seinfeld” aired an episode called “The Pilot” where Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza visit NBC to create a pilot on their own lives, to have the project crumble like a house of cards. When comedian Chris Distefano introduced his pilot, “Distefano”, he hoped to emulate Seinfeld in real life, to end […]

Everything is ephemeral at Ephemeral Tattoo

Tattoos that disappear look like science fiction, a quirk from the wizarding world, or, to be more realistic, a poorly done tattoo. Growing up, if you wanted a tattoo that you wouldn’t take to the grave, you needed a bundle of temporary tattoos from the nearest Walmart or one of those 25-cent vending machines where […]