Not sure about permanent ink? Discover temporary tattoos


What is Priker?

Prinker is a high-tech temporary tattoo printer. It works in conjunction with the Prinker app, which is a huge database for designs. Users can also upload their own custom designs or create designs within the app itself.

The tattoos are both safe and non-toxic, and use cosmetic grade inks to make it skin safe. Individual tattoos have a maximum image size of 39 x 0.9 inches, but if you’re diligent enough to set out to create something larger, you can combine tattoos by bringing together various individual images into one. everything.

So how does Prinker work? Prepare any place on your body that you wish to tattoo using Prinker Skin Primer. Select a tattoo in the Prinker app, send it to your Prinker via Bluetooth, then you’re ready to go. Simply press the print button and roll the Prinker over your skin. Once printed, spray the image again with primer to help it set.

The end result is also temporary, but only after careful consideration will you recognize that it was not permanent. It’s also suitable for almost your entire body, except for areas where you probably shouldn’t put a tattoo; like your eyelids or more intimate places. The ink is proven and the Prinker hardware itself is customized from portable inkjet printers that have been around for years. It’s established technology that’s been reused in fun ways.

So what do I think of Prinker?

The Prinker does exactly what the company says it will do. Even better, it does it remarkably well. Examination of the merchandise alone does not reveal any immediate drawbacks. But such flawless technology comes at a price. The Prinker S device with black ink and skin primer will set you back $370. If you’re looking for a full color, it’s $570. Ink refills start at $220 for black and can cost more for color.

Still, there are one or two oldies who could easily justify the Prinker tattoo printer not as a fun splurge, but as an investment. Anyone who dabbles in cosplay online or on the convention scene would greatly benefit from this fancy little gadget. So would theater and performance art troupes looking to stand out after hitting the stage. And while working tattoo artists may scoff at the concept, they too can find real use for Prinker. Customers can see, more or less, what their real tattoo would look like on their skin before committing to creating it permanently.


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