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But fans are slightly disappointed because although she shows them off, TWICE’s Chaeyoung rarely shows her tattoos fully because Korean society often rejects them. When performing on stage, Chaeyoung often has to cover them with tape.

But since JYP Entertainment constantly asks her to cover up her tattoos from the public, netizens have always loved talking about Chaeyoung’s tattoos whenever they pop up.

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But Chaeyoung’s tattoos that have been seen by the public are often the small ones on her arms. But TWICE recently uploaded a choreography video for “SCIENTIST,” and fans were happy and surprised to see how big Chaeyoung’s back tattoo really is.

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Notably, this is not the first time that ONCEs have seen TWICE Chaeyoung’s back tattoo. The TWICE member previously gave her fans a glimpse of it when she wore a crop top during TWICE’s “MORE & MORE,” “UP NO MORE,” and “Cry For Me” choreography videos.

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Fans are always curious to see his full design, but one thing is for sure, TWICE Chaeyoung’s back tattoo is huge and gorgeous.

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