Momentary ink temporary tattoos look so real they fooled my friends



momentary ink

A new startup called momentary ink wants you to be able to “try on” a tattoo before you commit to having it on your body for a lifetime.

Founder Jordan Denny has been working for 9 months to make a temporary tattoo realistic enough to pass as real, and finally started selling the customizable tattoos a few days ago.

Denny says his tattoos last 3-10 days and use a special matting solution that keeps them from looking shiny or wet like dollar store temporaries.

But “realistic” has different definitions, especially for startup founders, so I decided to test it myself. The process was easy.

All I had to do was upload a design and send it to Momentary Ink. As Halloween was approaching, I opted for the “Dark Mark” tattoo that the evil wizards (“Death Eaters”) have in Harry Potter.

When I got my Momentary Ink tattoo and tried it, the results surprised me. I didn’t expect it to look so real, and many people I encountered over the next few days assumed it was the genuine item. More than that, Momentary Ink had actually delivered on its promise. For almost a week I walked around and “felt” what it would be like to have this tattoo. Long story short, I’m definitely not getting a dark mark tattoo anytime soon.

At $15 for a “small” (0-4 inch) and $19 for a larger (4-8 inch), Momentary Ink doesn’t come cheap. And if you’re getting it just to have a temporary tattoo for a few days, I don’t think I can justify the cost. But if you use it as intended, to make sure you really want to get inked forever, it seems perfectly reasonable.

This is what a Momentary Ink tattoo looks like:


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