Mike Tyson plans to tattoo everything


If you were to sit down and make a list of the five most recognizable celebrity tattoos, then Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo would definitely be on the list somewhere, if it didn’t take the top spot.

Tyson got a tattoo just days before facing Clifford Etienne, which would end up being Tyson’s 50th and final in-ring victory. Since then, it is one of the most recognizable pieces in the world. So much so that it led to a lawsuit when the tattoo was forged on a poster of “The Hangover II”.

Now Tyson has launched the idea of ​​getting more tattoos. Lots more tattoos. In a Zoom interview with FightHype.com, the infamous boxer launched the idea of ​​getting inked.

“Look, the other day I was just thinking about getting a tattoo,” Tyson said. “I’m in such good physical condition. I was just thinking about getting my whole body inked. I saw someone who had their whole body from neck to toe and he was in shape like me and he was gorgeous and I said ‘Wow.’ Her body was all tattooed and I thought it was beautiful. “

Tyson already has black and gray portraits on his body. The cast of characters Tyson has portraits of gives an interesting look at the psyche of boxer-Che Guevara, Arthur Ashe, Mao Zedong and his ex-wife Monica Turner.

Tyson hasn’t professionally stepped in the ring for 15 years, but you certainly wouldn’t guess from looking at him. He’s still in phenomenal shape. Imagine if he decided to make his comeback wearing a full suit? Pretty badass, if you ask us.

So, Mr. Tyson, if you really want to do that full bodysuit, let us know. We’ll hook it up to Inked NYC. Don’t get too crazy listening to Phil Collins, okay?


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