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Each tattoo comes with a story. But people aren’t always happy with their ink decisions. Netflix’s latest reality series Tattoo Remake is a tailor-made product for those people who want to give their tattoo a makeover.

The reality TV series follows talented artists modifying or remaking tattoos that have made people regret and watching them skillfully breathe new life into dead ink is a feast for the eyes!

If the concept has caught your interest and if you are planning to over-watch Tattoo Redo on Netflix, let us introduce you to its cast.

Tommy Montoya

Tommy Montoya is a tattoo artist based in California. He works at the Klockwork Tattoo Club. Tommy rose to prominence after starring in New York ink in 2011.

The tattoo artist was headlining the 2019 Father Falls Tattoo Expo with Ryan Ashley Malarkey. His Instagram account has over 233,000 followers and mainly features his tattoo designs. Take a look at some of his posts here.

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Twig sparks

Twig is one of the new faces on Tattoo Remake. The tattoo artist is based in Florida and works at the Handcrafted Tattoo And Art Gallery. His Facebook bio says he’s from Cleveland, Ohio.

He has over 9,000 followers on Instagram. Although not much is revealed about her personal life in her social media posts, her tattoo designs clearly showcase her talent. Discover some of his achievements here.

Miryam Lumpini

Swedish-born tattoo artist Miryam is relatively a household name in the industry. She calls herself “The Witch Doctor” and is famous for tattooing celebrities such as Jhene Aiko, Skrillex and Swae Lee. She even designed a show for Reebok.

The Los Angeles-based artist has around 237,000 subscribers on Instagram.

Besides photos of her tattoo designs, Miryam also shared several photos of her grandson and boyfriend Jayson Aaron.

Matt Beckerich

Tattoo artist Matt Beckerich is based in New York City. He owns the Fountainhead store. According to the official website, Matt has over 20 years of experience creating tattoos and is known for his unique designs.

“He is best known for his modern interpretation of traditional Japanese style and traditional American tattooing,” reads further. At Instagram, it has more than 29,000 subscribers. His account contains a stunning collection of his tattoo designs featuring mostly dragons and other designs inspired by Japanese lore.

Rose Hardy

Similar to Matt, Rose is also based in New York City. She started her career tattooing in Auckland, New Zealand, and eventually moved to New York.

She is currently working at the Mikiri Gallery. Having figured on Ink master and Tattoo Artist of the Year, Tattoo Remake is Rose’s third show.

His official website says: “Aside from tattooing, she is the chief designer and owner of Tenderthorn Studios, which was founded in 2019.” Meanwhile, she has over 90,000 Instagram followers and her account is full of brilliant colorful tattoos designed by the artist herself. Discover some of his messages here.

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